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Ice Cream: A Personal Relationship

05/31/2011 09:42PM ● By Anonymous
Burlington area friends, neighbors, and celebrities share their favorite frozen treats and memories.

Grace Potter, Musician & Vermont Native: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (

Favorite Flavor: Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. I can’t stop eating it. I love to pull the big Heath Bar pieces out of the ice cream.

Favorite Combinations: I’m a big fan of fresh fruit, especially strawberries and raspberries. Raspberries, even frozen raspberries, and coffee ice cream are a great combination. Mush them together; it’s wonderful.

Ice Cream Story: My Uncle Morgan sold ice cream out of an old Ford Falcon in Burlington. He cut it in half, gutted it, and turned it into an ice cream cart. I worked for him when I was a teenager. It was a great experience, hanging out on Church Street and scooping ice cream.

Hannah Kearney, Mogul Skier, Olympic Gold Medalist & Vermont Native: US Ski Team (

Favorite Flavor: Coffee and all the variations!

Favorite Combinations: I like it pretty simple; I’m not a sauce person. My mom always makes me an ice cream pie for my birthday—Coffee ice cream in an Oreo cookie crust with chopped Oreos on top.

Ice Cream Story: Every ice cream memory is a good memory!

Andy Newell, Cross-Country Skier, Olympian & Vermont Native: US Ski Team (

Favorite Flavor: Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby.

Favorite Combinations: Just a bowl or a cone; I’m a purist. Growing up in Vermont, I’m an ice cream snob. We have so many great ice creams. When it’s this good you don’t need a lot of toppings.

Ice Cream Story: My mom ran the Farmhouse Nursery School in Bennington so I spent a couple of years there. The best days of the year were when we made ice cream out on the playground. It was great churning ice cream with my mom and the other kids.

Chris Wilcox, Fourth Generation Ice Cream Maker: Wilcox Ice Cream

Favorite Flavor: We do lots of seasonal specials, and my summer favorites are Orange-Pineapple, Bordeaux Cherry, and Rum Raisin. An all-time favorite is Mocha Mud Pie.

Favorite Combinations: I love ice cream all by itself.

Ice Cream Story: My family began making ice cream in 1928. When I was little, I learned to fill ice cream containers and make ice cream sandwiches on my grandfather’s knee. He had this stool which wasn’t quite level. I’d juggle the containers and hope the stool didn’t tip over.

Gerry Sundberg, Ice Cream Maker: Island Ice Cream (

Favorite Flavor: We only make it in the summer, but our Peanut Butter Brownie is off the charts.

Favorite Combinations: Hot fudge sauce is great on ice cream, but my current favorite is to skip the sauce and have a scoop each of Chocolate Supreme and either Peanut Butter Brownie or Black Raspberry. Our Chocolate Supreme is very chocolaty, very dense, and very rich. It’s great paired with fruity ice creams.

Ice Cream Story: If you’re having a miserable day, ice cream is a great pick-me-up. You can’t help but smile when you are eating ice cream. This is a second, retirement career for my wife Patty and me. We really love it; it’s a fun business but it’s tough to go on a diet when you’re an ice cream guy!

Amy Huyffer, Ice Cream Maker: Strafford Organic Creamery (

Favorite Flavor: That’s like asking which child is my favorite! My perennial favorite is Mint, but Ginger is pulling at my heartstrings.

Favorite Combinations: My favorite combination? Ice cream and a spoon! For a special dessert, I love Ginger ice cream with Bananas Foster!

Ice Cream Story: A few years ago we were scooping ice cream at an event in Randolph. An older gentleman came over. He was a bit grumpy and said he hadn’t had a decent ice cream cone in years. He grumbled about all the new-fangled ice creams. When he tried our ice cream, his face lit up. It was wonderful!

Michael Lesser, Ice Cream Maker: Leonardo’s Italian Gelato & Sorbet (

Favorite Flavor: At the moment, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Sorbet. We make it with big shards of chocolate. Sam’s Creamy Chocolate Chip (named for my son) is a close second.

Ice Cream Story: I remember the first demo we did at a kitchen store in Waitsfield. It was so much fun. We made up a bunch of different flavors and all everyone could say was WOW!

Carlo DePrato, Ice Cream Maker: Leonardo’s Italian Gelato & Sorbet (

Favorite Flavor: All of them! I eat them all and love them all!

Ice Cream Story: My father had a gelateria when I was a kid. Every night after I did my homework, he’d give me a couple of scoops. One night when I was 10 or 11, I kept going back for more. On the fourth trip back, he gave me an enormous bowl. It must have been 20 scoops. I ate it all!

Eric Lampman, Chocolate & Ice Cream Maker: Lake Champlain Chocolates (

Favorite Flavor: Coffee. We always had Coffee ice cream in the house when I was growing up. Today we infuse Brazilian coffee in our ice cream.

Favorite Combinations: I love milkshakes. We have something we call a Go-Go Shake. It’s a milkshake with a shot of coffee. Hazelnut and espresso are my favorites.

Ice Cream Story: When I was in high school, my summer job was working on the production line making ice cream. It was a great way to learn about ice cream.

Susan Reid, Baker: King Arthur Flour (

Favorite Flavor: I’m partial to things with caramel and chocolate swirled through or a really good maple walnut.

Favorite Combinations: I love a real banana split. Chocolate and bananas are a wonderful combination.

Ice Cream Story: I grew up in New Jersey. Every summer we’d go down to the shore and get the most amazing hot waffles with ice cream. Creamy ice cream was sandwiched between two crispy waffles; they were incredible.

Chris Lyon, Merchandising Manager: City Market (

Favorite Flavor: I’m a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s Steven Colbert’s Americone Dream. It’s pretty simple but very delicious.

Ice Cream Story: I grew up in Montpelier and we used to ride our bikes to the Dairy Creme. The ice cream was so sweet there were always bees buzzing around. We’d lick our cones and fight off the bees.

Sherwin Westover, Manager: Kiss the Cook (

Favorite Flavor: I’ve always loved Orange-Pineapple, but it can be difficult to find. It was my grandmother’s favorite. My current favorite is Ben & Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie. If you haven’t had it, it’s pretty ridiculous.

Favorite Combinations: Any kind of fruit. Fresh berries on vanilla ice cream with whipped cream are great in the summer.

Ice Cream Story: When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for the Creemee Stand to open. It was a sure sign that summer was on the way.

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