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Shelburne Vineyard: Photos, Awards and More

09/02/2014 08:03PM ● By Ryan Frisch

Last year's Louise Swenson (one of our cold hardy white grapes) harvested at our RT 7 winery site

Shelburne Vineyard has 17 acres of grapes, most of which are varieties that, like the Louise Swenson white grapes shown above, are cold hardy hybrids that were developed by cross-pollinating European varieties with grapes native to the mid-west, resulting in new varieties that are hardy to as low as -30.0F and thrive here in Vermont.

All of our grapes are harvested by hand during the months of September and October, with the exception of the grapes we use for Ice Wine which are harvested later, when the Temperatures drop to 15.0F or less.

Here are three award-winning wines currently available for sale:

2013 LaCrescent - Semi Dry White
AWARDS: Best of Category/Gold at the 2014 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

The 2013 vintage growing season had a few challenges but produced berries with lively fruit flavors.  This is a beautiful, aromatic wine with touch of sweetness and complexity, that finishes bright and crisp with lingering notes of juicy stone fruits. $16

2012 Marquette Reserve - Dry Red
AWARDS: Double Gold at the 2014 Finger Lakes Int’l Competition

Eight barrels of our 2012 vintage were set aside to age sur lie and in oak for 15 months to amplify the fruit characteristics and obtain a fuller mouth-feel. The aroma of our 2012 Marquette Reserve is reminiscent of fresh cherry juice, red licorice, wet stone and spice. Expressive flavors of ripe, red berries, toasted vanilla beans, tobacco and baking coco burst on the palate. The texture is medium bodied with medium acid and finishes with a warm, lingering spice. $29

2013 Harvest Widow’s Revenge - Semi-Sweet Red
Best of Category/Gold at the 2014 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

This red wine is an homage to the spouses, partners and families of our hard working vineyard and winery staff. “Harvest Widows” often band together for fun social gatherings while their partners work long hours in the vineyard during grape harvest season. At our winery, we’re lucky that our Harvest Widows often bring us lunch or dinner to keep us going! $15

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