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Less Chocolate More Kale, Living in the Moment and Discovering Vermont

12/28/2014 02:49PM ● By Ryan Frisch
100's of people recently shared their New Years Resolutions with us and clear themes emerged as we look forward to next year. See what people in our community want to change in 2015.

Exercise & Better Health
It comes as no surprise that exercise and better health topped the list of New Years resolutions. Here were the most common and some very specific resolutions that were shared.
  • Keep in shape
  • Jazzercise at least 3x week
  • Get in shape
  • Stay on my workout plan
  • To get back in the gym of course
  • To get in better shape
  • Keep exercising and lose weight
  • Eat healthier
  • Less chocolate, more Kale!
  • Be determined in my physical therapy to get back on my feet!

Stay "In the Moment"
Whether you want to call it living in the moment, being more present or simply creating more time to stay "in the moment", this was easily the biggest surprise on the list with many people sharing resolutions of this sort.
  • To not use my "smart phone" as much
  • To try to let things go, life is too short.
  • To take less on
  • To be grateful for what I have in life
  • Take time to smell the roses
  • To appreciate my husband and children and not take any of our moments together for granted
  • Live every day with joy and happiness
  • Breathe! Make an effort to jump to POSITIVE conclusions
  • Learn to meditate and quiet my mind and be more "in the moment"
  • Be more mindful and present in the moment

More Time with Friends & Family
Similarly, spending time with loved ones is a priority for many.
  • To spend more time with family and take one day/wknd each month to travel & visit close & far away
  • Spend more time with my kids
  • Continue to have fun with family and friends and to keep everyone happy and healthy in the New Year
  • Have fun and enjoy my family
  • Making a better effort to have more meaningful time with the people in my life

Personal Improvement
Improving ones self is never an easy undertaking but these people have lofty goals to improve their lives in 2015!
  • Better separation of work life and home life
  • Clean eating and move to a more minimalist lifestyle
  • Be better than I was the year before
  • Be more positive with less complaining
  • Cultivate the power of patience
  • If something needs changing, take action to change it!
  • Make more time for myself
  • Make myself a priority
  • Listen more in conversations
  • Be more organized
  • Be positive and strong for my family
  • Stop using curse words
  • Be less of a procrastinator

Help Others
And some people not only want to improve themselves but also help others. Very commendable!
  • To help a military family in need once a month
  • Mentor young ladies to be strong independent women

New Experiences
Whether it's trying something new or going somewhere new (or a little bit of both), these people are spicing up life with these resolutions.
  • Discover and experience more of Vermont
  • Try and be more social with new people
  • Try more new things
  • Travel more
  • To go on more adventures
  • More reading

Quit Smoking

Surprisingly, there weren't too many financial resolutions but here are two that a lot of people can relate too.
  • Grow my Business
  • Reduce Debt

And as one person shared..."To have an even better 2015".

Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!
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