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Paint Your Way Trendy with Chevron

01/18/2016 05:20AM ● By Family Features
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(Family Features) Creatively painted wall designs can instantly transform a room with a look that appears high end with minimal cost. Trendy looks such as chevron are easy to achieve with a little patience and the proper tools.

A zig-zag pattern usually involving two shades of the same color or complementary hues, chevron can be applied to nearly any room in the house for a very “now” look.

From dining rooms to nurseries, this look allows you to instantly create a focal point for the room with colors that tie into the overall decor. For maximum impact, use chevron as an accent wall and paint the remaining walls in the room using the base color of your pattern.

Proper measurement and straight lines are critical for a polished chevron look. In addition to the paint you have selected, you will need:

  • Roller brushes (one for each color, and ensure the brush width fits within the chevron stripe pattern you are planning)
  • Yardstick
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Painters tape
  • Sharp knife
  • Craft brushes for touchups

Follow these simple steps to achieve a perfect chevron look:

  1. If needed, apply a coat of primer and allow to dry.
  2. Roll a base coat over the entire wall and repeat if needed to ensure a smooth, evenly coated surface.
  3. Once the base coat has dried completely, it is time to measure and draw out your pattern. Determine where you want the highest peak of your pattern near the top of the wall and mark this point with your pencil.
  4. Using your yardstick and level, measure down your desired stripe width and mark this point as well, making sure it aligns exactly with the first point.
  5. From the low point, measure a distance to one side for the preferred length of your stripe.
  6. Directly below the point created in Step 5, measure down your stripe width again.
  7. Connect the points created in Step 3 and 5 using painters tape. Repeat to connect the points created in Steps 4 and 6. Use a sharp blade to trim tape for sharp edges.
  8. Continue measuring and taping to cover the entire wall.

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