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MD Cosmetics Medical Spa Shares The Secret to Perfect Eyebrow Extensions

03/15/2016 02:43PM ● By Ryan Frisch

Although it seems like they just sit there framing your eyes, eyebrows have many functions that you might not be aware of. Those little hairs act as a built-in umbrella to protect your peepers from sweat and rain. Eyebrows are also essential for communication and help you make certain facial expressions. For instance, if you’re unhappy when you find out that your favorite lipstick has been discontinued, your eyebrows help you convey this emotion, and when you feel sad at the end of a tearjerker, your eyebrows help express that feeling too.

When it comes to beauty, eyebrows cannot be ignored! Over the years, trends have included everything from thick, bushy eyebrows à la Brooke Shields in the ’80s to pencil-thin brows like Madonna in the ’90s. There are many methods for manipulating those little hairs into obedience; waxing, threading, and tweezing are all common among the brow-obsessed crowd. 

If you want to stay current, familiarize yourself with the latest innovation—eyebrow extensions. Similar to eyelash extensions, LavishBrow™ Extensions are individual synthetic hairs that are attached to individual natural eyebrow hairs using a high-performance cosmetic adhesive. This non-invasive, painless eyebrow-enhancing method is all the rage, and if you want to have perfect brows, it’s worth looking into. Check out these five advantages of eyebrow extensions you can enjoy.

1. Look and feel better.

Eyebrow extensions improve not only the way your brows look but also the appearance of your entire face, like a mini facelift without the risks and costs. In addition to perfect facial symmetry, your new brow look will take years off your face. You will look younger and feel more confident. Don’t let the many compliments go to your head!

2. Erase imperfections.

If after consistently vigorous plucking and waxing your brow hairs are sparse, or if you have scars and gaps in your eyebrows, LavishBrow™ Extensions can erase all traces of these. The extensions can fill in gaps, cover up scars, and even thicken and extend your brows, making them look fuller. The time of barely-there brows is over!

3. Save time and money.

Using makeup to fill in your brows and make them look more defined can take up a good chunk of your time in the morning. No matter how good an artist you are, it can drive you batty to make both eyebrows look similar. Good news! With brow extensions, you can toss your brow pencils, shadows, and gels, and maintain your sanity! A simple brush-up in the morning is all you’ll need. The days of being late for work and having sweat-smudged eyebrows in the gym are over. Just think of all the things you can do with the money you’ll be saving on makeup. Vacations, new shoes, new clothes . . . start making a list!

4. Treat yourself.

Tweezing, threading, and waxing can be torturous. The moment you are in that chair or on that table, you dread what’s about to come. The process of getting LavishBrow™ Extensions is the opposite. There is no pain, no discomfort—just total relaxation. You can even take a nap while the LavishBrow™ Stylist works her magic. It’s a total treat you will want to repeat.

5. Enjoy natural results.

When it comes to brows, there is no one-size-fits-all standard. This is why LavishBrow™ Extensions come in different lengths and different colors ranging from blonde to black. During your initial consultation, your LavishBrow™ Stylist will advise you on the right brow shape for your facial structure and features. The extensions naturally blend in with your own eyebrow hairs and are weightless and comfortable. You will forget that you are wearing them, until another compliment about your appearance comes your way.

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