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The Works of Frankie D

09/04/2016 11:33AM ● By John Gales
Hello my name is Frankie D. (DeAngelis) and I picked up a paint brush for the first time this April of 2016. I was dating a very talented artist and she said on one Saturday morning, “let’s go paint in my studio”. I was like WHAT? So we picked up some acrylic paint supplies and I am addicted to painting! I share a wonderful working art studio in the E-1 Collective on Pine Street in the Burlington South End arts district. This part of town is so magical with old brick building busting at the seams with talented artists of all types. Painters, woodworkers, sculptors, stained glass artists, musicians, and even a guy who makes gorgeous brass spinning tops. You can also get awesome coffee and catch dynamite shows with yummy food in this wonderful artists neighborhood.....truly is magical! Okay so what do I do?? I paint with acrylics and spray paint on mostly canvas but some old wood when it’s available. Every piece of my art is an experiment and many go very deep into my emotions, my mind, and my tumultuous heart. Some are also just plain zany and fun loving....finally I found a place to let go and express my warped sense of humor. My works are currently displayed at my studio and various locations in Burlington. I also am so very proud to have made it into the Burlington Art Hop juried show. Most of my works are for sale and you can view much of my work on my website at and also on Instagram at frankied.chaos. The chaos is a tag line for my creative chaos. Rock On! Thank you so much, Frankie D.


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