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Vermont Brewers Association Trades Festivals for “A Drive Thru ExBEERience”

07/14/2020 01:38PM ● By John Gales

Vermont Brewers Association Trades Festivals for “A Drive Thru ExBEERience”

COVID-19 may have stopped a lot of things, including the Vermont Brewers Festival set for July 17 and 18. But it can’t stop the resourceful and relentless determination of Vermont beer producers.

With its trademark “Beer Worth Finding”, the Vermont Brewers Association is presenting a special event that allows beer lovers an easy and safe socially-distanced way to find their favorite brews; while providing much-needed support for those brewers.

A Drive Thru ExBEERience

What it is: quite simply, one of America’s first and only drive-thru beer festival.

What you do:  you simply pre-order your favorite beer, and drive to fill your trunk with it.

How you do it:  secure pre-orders here at


Where you do it:  proceed to Champlain Valley Hops in Starksboro.

When you do it:  pick up your pre-orders July 18, from 5 to 7 p.m.

Who is doing it:  there are 12 Vermont breweries offering A Drive Thru ExBEERience!

Roll Call!:  14th Star Brewing Company, Collaborative Brewing, Drop-In Brewing Company, Foam Brewers, Goodwater Brewery, Green Empire Brewing, Hermit Thrush Brewery, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Mill River Brewing, Switchback Brewing Company, Trout River Brewing Company, and Vermont Pub and Brewery

Why they are doing it:  to fulfill the mission statement of the Vermont Brewers Association, “to promote and strengthen the culture of craft brewing in Vermont through marketing, education, and advocacy for Vermont-made beer.”

Why you should do it:  have you ever experienced the enjoyment of Vermont beer in a Vermont hopyard?  I didn’t think so. Treat yourself to A Drive Thru ExBEERience!  The ExBEERience is proudly sponsored by the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing.

 Information Please!

A Drive Thru ExBEERience

Saturday, July 18

Champlain Valley Hops

5459 Route 116

Starksboro, VT 05487

(802) 448-0562


Vermont Brewers Association

PO Box 985

Burlington, VT 05402


Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing

1 National Life Drive, 6th Floor

Montpelier, VT 05620-0501

(802) 808-3237