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Meeting Winter’s Challenges: Staying Fit This Season

A few strategies to help maintain health and fitness during the winter, and have fun doing it.

Get Ready to Run: The American Council Offers a Few Tips

The American Council on Exercise offers the following recommendations on what to do before you start running.

Do a little D.C.D. for the Holidays

Remember to do a little D.C.D. for the Holidays (Dust, Clean and Disinfect). These are spaces that are easily overlooked but carry germs and piles of dust. Best of all, these don’t take long to do.

Math can be a foreign language:Dr. Long Translates

Great read from Strern Center for Language and Learning

MD Cosmetics Medical Spa Shares The Secret to Perfect Eyebrow Extensions

Familiarize yourself with the latest innovation—eyebrow extensions.

Heather Main Discusses The Connection Between Yoga & Mental Health

Discover how yoga can help boost mental health and reduce anxiety.

10 Reasons Men Should Get Facials

You may consider getting a facial a little too fussy for you but the real motivation to get your skin handled by the pros is the same reason you have a mechanic work on your car.

Lunaroma Aromatic Apothecary: Gallery Extra

Find out why sidling up to the bar in one of Pine Street’s newest hot spots is an entirely different experience than you might imagine.

Beat Snack Attacks with a Handful of Almonds

The clock strikes 11 a.m. and the breakfast you had a few hours earlier isn’t keeping your stomach from growling, yet it’s too early for lunch. A snack, perhaps?


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