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Arts and Sciences of Collective Survival. A Free 3 day convergence of artists, scientists, citizens, scholars, activists – local and global – to build collective survival and thriving in these next 50 years of Feverishness.

A free multi-day convergence of local, regional, and global artists, scholars, activists, and citizens, gathering to help prepare for the next 50 years of anticipated "feverishness"— climate and ecological changes, rising temperatures, floods, droughts, resource conflicts, refugee populations, clashing political and cultural paradigms, and so on. 

 • To catalyze the building of bridges between the arts and the sciences, and between academe and the broader community through conversations and connections centered on keynote talks and roundtables, musical performances, and public art including TentWorks, a "Tent City" encampment of art installations, a parade, and more. 

 • To move toward collective survival and thriving.