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Bob & Cheryl Frisch

Bob  Cheryl FrischBob & Cheryl previously owned and operated four radio stations in the Upper Valley for an extended period of time. Bob has 31 years of experience in advertising and marketing and was the architect of the “KIXX Giving Trees for David’s House” annual fundraiser that still exists today. Bob currently serves as a Board Member of David’s House and has been involved in many other organizations in the past. Cheryl spent 11 years along side her husband as Vice President where she was responsible for all finances and human resources. Along with Robin, she works “behind the scenes” with the editorial and design teams to deliver a top quality product to our readers. Bob & Cheryl have resided in Hanover for the past 20 years and have two children who live and work in Boston. They also publish Here in Hanover, Image, and Woodstock Magazine.