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Beverage Warehouse Comin’ in Hot with Recs for your Thanksgiving Table

11/15/2021 08:36PM ● By John Gales

Beverage Warehouse  

Comin’ in Hot with Recs for your Thanksgiving Table

1. Starting with the obvious, what do you recommend for a personal stash for Thanksgiving?


We recommend a handlebar. Oh, stash, not ‘stache? In that case, mix it up. We know we’re going to be holding onto Eden Cider’s Benjamin for an aperitif, some Chateau Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape for feeling bougie at dinnertime, and maybe a little Green Empire Deepest Depths for that sinking into the couch beer. 

2. Recommendations to bring to Thanksgiving dinner when you’re not sure what they like?

It never hurts to have the old standards on hand for Turkey Day, especially if you’re stepping into the unknown. A bottle of rock-solid Oregon Pinot Noir (Ken Wright, Vincent) or dry/off-dry Riesling (Hermann J. Wiemer, St. Urbans-Hof Nik Weis) are pretty much always welcome additions to the table.



3. What about wine at dinner?



Thanksgiving’s traditional flavors are such a great pairing partner because of how clean a canvas they present for your wine. Reds, whites, or rosés, sparkling or still, it’s all fair game. We’re suckers for red with a little spice to go with my turkey, so maybe a Syrah/Grenache blend (Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup, St. Cosme Les Deux Albion) would do the trick. Or, If you’re more into whites, something big and aromatic that won’t be overmatched by all those competing flavors at the table seems in order. Gewurztraminer (Trimbach, Union Sacre) fits that bill and has a profile that just feels made for the fall.   
4. How about a little something for after dinner?


Mead. There are obviously a ton of options to go alongside all those pies and pastries, but bringing a little honey and spice to the fold is a fun way to add some depth to your desserts. Try Sticky Paws’ Mulled Mead if you’re feeling indulgent and want to stack even more fall spices onto your apple or pumpkin pie. Or, if you prefer to finish on the lighter side, reach for Golden Rule’s Twig for a bouncy twist on classic Vermont flavors.

5. So, your Uncle Melvin is in town and goes on and on about how he likes his beer, then you find out his idea of trying new things is Bud in a bottle instead of cans.  What do you have Uncle Melvin try?

Luckily, this is a great time to branch out if your thing is light lagers, as so many with subtle and unique characters are coming from amazing local sources. We’re partial to Simple Roots’ Simple Pils and Black Flannel’s Denthead Kolsch. Still, a quick glance at almost any star in the local lineup will reveal a clean, crisp, carefully crafted alternative to ol’ Melvin’s favorite macro.

6. Anything new that is really causing a buzz?

What isn’t? From Freak Folk and Hired Hand to Shelburne Vineyard and Fable Farm Fermentory, it seems like everybody is kicking up a stir and putting out new and exciting liquids on the daily.

7. Got any Thanksgiving wishes to BrewView VT readers?  

We can all agree it’s continued to be a challenge this year.  But we’re still here, and our communities—as Vermonters, as beer and wine enthusiasts, and, in a larger sense, as people—are persevering through the hard times and giving each other someone to (figuratively) lean on. We’re thankful for that. Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with your whole family or keeping a distance for the safety of all of us, we at the Bevie want to say Happy Thanksgiving, and may your best days be just ahead. 

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