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Earth-Friendly - SMARTKLEAN LAUNDRY BALL The SmartKlean Ball Cleans Your Clothes • Cleans using Natural Earth Minerals and Magnets, NOT Petro- chemicals • Ideal for Infants and People with Allergies and Sensitive Skin • Powerful Odor Eliminator - Preserves Colors and Elasticity of Garments • Saves Money - SmartKlean Ball costs $45 and cleans 365 loads. That is Just 13 Cents Per Load! Compare That to Detergent! • Easy to Use, Compatible with Most Washing Machines, Safe for Septic Systems • Sends Zero Chemicals to Wastewater Plants or Ecosystems • Dramatically Reduces Packaging Waste • Saves up to 8000 Gallons of Water • Conserves energy With Cold Water Washing and Elimination of Rinse Cycles