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The Reefs Club

03/22/2010 11:07PM ● By Anonymous

Experience beachfront residences in Bermuda

Ask The Reefs owner David Dodwell what brings people to his idyllic resort, and he replies, “Our people are very loyal. They come back here for generations. They know we’re going to take care of them.” First as manager and then owner of The Reefs for 36 years, Dodwell had an opportunity to purchase one acre of prime real estate next door, and he jumped at the chance. Contemplating how to make the best use of the land while giving his customers the luxury lifestyle they want, he settled on the concept for a private residence club.

How It Works

Instead of selling a unit to one family, Dodwell is selling 1/10 of each of his 19 units, so there are 190 owners instead of just 19. “This concept makes owners feel they’re buying into a lifestyle without the ongoing financial and emotional worry that comes with owning a typical timeshare that they’re not using for 51 weeks of the year,” says Dodwell. By contrast, The Reefs Club owners may visit the resort multiple times per year. Two- and three-bedroom units are available, and every bedroom and living room has a balcony and a view. As an owner, you are also able to use any of the hotel’s facilities, including restaurants and a spa.

Worry -Free with Amenities Galore

Leave your cares behind when you jet off to Bermuda, knowing that The Reefs Club staff is managing and maintaining the residences and grounds, arranging bookings, and upgrading the facilities. Once you arrive, you can enjoy a private fitness center and a pool with private access to the beach. Call ahead and The Reefs Club staff will stock your refrigerator and have your favorite wine waiting for you.

Only the Best

According to Dodwell, the best part of The Reefs experience may be the camaraderie among his customers, who build lifelong friendships while enjoying a private club atmosphere and who also appreciate the personal attention and stability of a long-time, family-run business. “I’m hands-on every day,” Dodwell says. “My son is involved in the business, and our customers appreciate the continuity of having the next generation involved. The Reefs is a family business and has never been for sale.” What’s the best part of his job? “Seeing people enjoy a home away from home in a relaxed, comfortable vacation destination,” Dodwell remarks.
Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox