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Valentine’s Day Treats

12/05/2010 11:30AM ● By Anonymous
Surprising your special someone doesn’t have to be expensive

February 14 is coming, and you need a great gift idea for your sweetheart. Sure, a box of chocolates is always nice, but why not think “out of the box” this year? Here are a few unique ideas for Valentine’s Day on a budget.

  • Pack a thermos of hot chocolate, grab a warm blanket, and watch the sunset (or sunrise).
  • Make a mix CD of songs that are special to the two of you.
  • Create a photo album or scrapbook using items from your early days of dating.
  • Give her an IOU coupon good for one night of doing the dishes. Or really surprise her with one promising to clean the bathroom every Saturday for a month.
  • A dozen red roses is the ultimate romantic gift, but chances are she’ll appreciate a $6.99 supermarket bouquet just as much.
  • Instead of going out for an expensive dinner, splurge on a single cupcake or cookie from your partner’s favorite local bakery. Present it with an old-fashioned love note.
  • Rather than a day at the spa, offer a relaxing night at home. Turn off the TV and cell phones, drop the kids off at Grandma’s, and brush up on your own massage skills. Sometimes there’s no better gift at the end of a long day than an unsolicited foot massage!
Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox