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Seaons Greetings from the Community

12/08/2014 07:42PM ● By Ryan Frisch
From our family to yours we wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season and pass along these good thoughts, wishes and tidings from the community!

Happy Holidays!

Linda GoodHUE Fleury says "Deb Brookfield.... Sally Ingraham .... Merry Christmas Sista's!"

Kelli Cogger says "Happy holidays everyone!"

Christina Barr says "Happy holidays to Mr.Barr!"

Jennifer Goslovich says "I would like to wish my team at PierVana Hair-Spa-Jewels  a very Merry Christmas  and a Healthy prosperous New Year. Love Momma"

Alec Kaeding says "Jean Kaeding have a great and happy Christmas."

Amy Gregory to "Jennifer Goslovich"

Linda Eaton says "Merry Christmas David, Eric, Kris, Avah, Evan, Brandi, Rob, Zack, Greg, Allison, Becky, Danny, Dani, Michael, and the rest of my family and friends!"

Patricia Fay to "Michael Fay"

Norma Companion to "My beautiful daughter Chelsea Howe & her family, my son Eddy & his beautiful wife Laura!!"

Alison Dattilio says "Peace love and joy to Pam Longe! Love you momma!"

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Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox