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Kitchen Style – Five Ways to Work With White

12/01/2016 08:26AM ● By John Gales


Kitchen Style – Five Ways to Work With White


by Peregrine Design/Build


The 2016 Better Home Awards, sponsored by the Homebuilders & Remodelers Association of Northern VT, were announced recently and among the many winning projects there are a number of new or renovated kitchens showing the latest trends in building materials and finishes.

White kitchens are the most popular look right now. We continue to see our clients choose a neutral palette with stainless steel appliances and have selected some recent projects that show different ways to work with white.

Open Shelving

Use open shelves to display special collections or to keep frequently used spices or cookware easily within reach. Shelves made with salvaged wood lend a rustic charm to farmhouse kitchens, recalling bygone days. Your grandmother’s teapot or an antique coffee grinder can take center stage.

Wood Island Accent

In a kitchen with a center island consider adding wood to offset white cabinets. Pick wood that fits your personal style and furnishings – rich, dark hues like walnut, mahogany, cherry or medium to light tones like maple and hickory. Counter and bar stools can be picked to complement the look. 

Glass Display

Clear glass display cabinets allow you to see what’s stored and to showcase a collection of drinkware or pottery. They are pretty and can be fitted with LED lights to give a glow. If you don’t want to show off your things consider pebble glass or inserts with texture to get a traditional look with a country flair.  

Cabinetry to Ceiling

Go as high as you can with cabinets to maximize storage. Wall cabinets that go to the ceiling and are finished with crown molding make a kitchen look cohesive and well built. Gone are the days of using standard 36” cabinets with open space above – work with your designer or architect to get the most out of your space.

Dark Contrasts

Opposites attract. In a white kitchen choose a counter material that’s dark to punch up the visual contrast. Look at soapstone, black or graphite granite and Quartzite, or think about using a material like Vermont Verde marble which is locally sourced and has a wonderful deep green patina. The density and richness of the hue will help visually anchor your work areas.

All photos courtesy Peregrine/Design Build.  Photos by Susan Teare

Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox