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Planting Spring Flowers: How to do it Right

03/09/2018 03:51PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Planting spring flowers does not only beautify your lawn but can raise the value of the entire property as much as 150 percent, even more than of popular home improvements like kitchens and baths. But it’s important to do it smart.

Firstly, select local plants for ease, simplicity, and savings in both time and money. They’re happy where they are planted, as they’ve evolved to grow efficiently in the region. Once perennial native plantings like Maidenhair fern, Black Elderberry, Meadow Rue, Wild Geranium, and Silky Dogwood have become established, they’ll add beauty and color to your yard without extra work, irrigation, or costs. Nurture them further by inoculating your garden soil with the proper soil microorganism, be it compost, mulch, or other, which can help cut water and fertilizer usage by up to 50 percent. 

A well-established and maintained garden will attract plenty of VIPs—Very Important Pollinators—flies, butterflies, moths, and beetles—who will then bring in more birds and wildlife, turning your front yard into a Disney-esque landscape!
Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox