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Attract Birds to Your Yard: Suggestions For Specific Plants and Trees to Add to Your Landscape

The Audubon Vermont website lets you search by zip code for suggestions of plants to use in your landscape to attract native birds. It’s easy to search by types of plants as well as by types of birds you’d like to see more of in your yard. Birds attracted are pictured next to a photo of each specific plant. 

Here are some examples for our area:

Black Walnut trees may attract vireos, nuthatches, orioles, wood warblers, waxwings, and chickadees and titmice.

Black-eyed Susans may attract vireos, wrens, cardinals, grosbeaks, thrushes, wood warblers, and chickadees and titmice.

Other flowering plants, shrubs, vines, and trees to consider are Arborvitae, Canadian goldenrod, common milkweed, Eastern hemlock, Eastern red cedar, green-head and purple coneflower, highbush blueberry, New England aster, Northern red oak and red oak, pussy willow, sunflower, winterberry, yarrow, and many more. Go to for more information.


Learn more about birds in our area by attending some local events this spring. Here are some suggestions. For details, go to

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Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox