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Safe Decorating Tips for Pet Owners

Greenery, lights, and Christmas trees can make the holidays festive, but they also pose risky temptations for our pets, according to the American Veterinarian Association (

  • Christmas trees can tip over if pets climb on them or try to play with the lights and ornaments. Consider tying your tree to the ceiling or a doorframe using a fishing line to secure it.

  • Ornaments can be hazardous for pets. Broken ornaments can cause injuries, and ingested ornaments can cause intestinal blockage. Keep homemade ornaments created from salt-dough or other food-based materials out of reach of pets. 

  • Tinsel and icicles can be tempting for pets to eat. Consuming them can cause intestinal blockages, sometimes requiring surgery.

  • Electric lights can cause burns when a curious pet chews the cords. Unplug lights whenever you leave the house.

  • Candles with their flickering flames are attractive to pets as well as people. Never leave a pet alone in an area with a lit candle.

Potpourris should be kept out of reach of inquisitive pets. Liquid potpourris pose risks because they contain essential oils that can severely damage your pet’s mouth, eyes, and skin. Solid potpourris could cause problems if eaten.
Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox