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Staying as light as Foam and ready to Adapt!

07/28/2020 10:05AM ● By Noah Detzer

Staying Light as Foam

and Ready to Adapt…

Foam Brewers Responding to Changing Times

By Noah Detzer

Foam Brewers opened in Burlington as a brew pub and live music venue in April of 2016, created by a team of industry professionals who shared an “appreciation for brewing, science, art, music, 

 Marketing assistant Adam Karas joined the team that June. Adam’s tenure at Foam gives him a close-up perspective into how the brewery has developed—and where the business hopes to go in the future.

 Adam shared a lot about the inner working of Foam’s team. “Foam has five

partners, which really plays a huge role in making Foam what it is. There’s Todd Haire, the master brewer; Bob Grim, the head brewer in Burlington; Sam Keane, the head brewer in Hinesburg; Jon Farmer, the creative director; and Dani Casey, who has served as the general manager of everything that happens in the front of house for the entire time Foam has been open for business.” 

Each of the partners has a different background in beer. Todd was the brewmaster at Magic Hat for more than ten years, and later worked at Switchback, where he met the other four partners. The idea for creating Foam came about in 2015, and the group put their heads together to determine how to bring that vision to fruition. 

Adam is proud of the way that Foam has diversified its role in the community. “Five people, five personalities…each brings something unique to the table,” he says. “We’ve done everything we can to contribute to the Burlington community at large and showcase the arts as best as we can. Foam is a bar, it’s a music venue, and we’re beginning to open up a restaurant.” 


That restaurant, Deep City, shares the building with Foam Brewers and opened to much acclaim just as the COVID-19 pandemic was ramping up. Almost as soon as they opened, they had to cease sit-down service. Pivoting quickly, they turned their focus to takeout and delivery. The takeout menu of pub fare also includes cans, growlers, and cocktails, all provided in a contactless process outlined on their website.

An appreciation of and desire to support art and local artists is central to the ethos of the Foam team. To that end, Foam almost always uses local artists for can designs. “We love incorporating local artists in all different aspects of the business—can design, an installment from a local artist in the brewery that rotates out roughly once a month, local photography, and more.” 

Indications are that Foam Brewers is a success. “We’re brewing beer that people are traveling around the state for,” notes Adam. “What’s caused me to fall in love with working at Foam is that it’s about more than that. It’s about being real, being authentic, being a part of the community; not just making a product, but listening to what people want and thinking about how we can contribute something beyond just selling beer—whether that’s putting on an incredible show that someone goes to, showcasing local art, or having a great time at the restaurant.  We’re focused on the experience and what we might have provided to customers beyond just a glass of a double IPA.” 

When asked which of the more than 470 beers Foam has brewed was his favorite, Adam hesitated—he listed off several of the latest brews, before settling on Built To Spill.  “It truly is one of my all-time favorites—it’s the first beer we ever put in cans and still a favorite to this day.” 

Foam has opened their outdoor patio. Patrons at Foam can enjoy on-site beers and food, and right next door at Deep City, diners can partake of food, beer, wine, and cocktails. With their creativity and excitement for the local scene, Foam's future looks bright. 

Foam Brewers

112 Lake Street

Burlington, VT 

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