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Red House Buiding: Battling the Elements—and Succeeding

 The 4500 square-foot house built in Fayston by Red House Building has breathtaking westerly views to the slopes of Mad River Glen and Green Mountains.  The exterior is composted of Japanese Shou Sugi Ban siding, board-form concrete, and natural hemlock ceilings.  The interior is a combination of bright, soaring rooms, private retreat spaces, and modern minimalism.  

The task to build this disciplined design was “exceptionally rewarding and challenging,” according to Chris Quinn, General Manager of Red House Building. “The location and season of this build was unrelenting.” Combined with the elevation of the site and the early onset of winter, the conditions were difficult from start to finish. “We battled complicating snow and frost conditions right to the end,” says Chris. “That much snow is certainly better for skiing than building. It created a scenario where a very large volume of work needed to be executed in early summer with some unconventional sequencing in order to meet a move-in target.” It worked. 

A Design Takes Shape

The execution of many modern and minimalist details started very early with the structure itself. Chris and his team spent considerable time working through the steel structure and stair design to yield a unique composition that is both elegant and robust. Considerable attention also went into the wood ceiling and exterior soffit design, which blend the interior and exterior. The warm hemlock ceilings provide a complement to the dark exterior and white interior. The ceiling assembly is constructed to provide sound attenuation, which can be very helpful in large open-living spaces. Design is by Elizabeth Herrmann Architect.

Local Talent

Some of the notable elements include the blackened steel staircase and cabinetry bases, white oak pivoting entry door and sliding barn door, sleek wood-veneer cabinetry, polished concrete floors, and some fantastic exterior concrete work. The cantilevered concrete terrace, with exposed aggregate, ties many house and landscape elements together. “I really like the floor-to-ceiling pivot door assemblies which punctuate many rooms.” 

The landscaping is minimal and functional. The seemingly endless supply of boulders from excavation were put to use in retaining walls and important site drainage features. 

“It was a fantastic project to be part of,” notes Chris, “and really made me appreciate the teams of craftspeople we can collaborate with in order to execute stunning and rigorous designs.” 

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Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox