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Pets and People: Fun Fall Activities

Consider these eight ways to get out and about

Now that autumn’s cooler temperatures are here, plan some outings with your best furry friend. Getting out will provide both of you with a change of scenery and some fresh air while enjoying new adventures. Before you go, check to make sure the place you’re visiting is dog friendly, and bring along plenty of water and a few treats for Scruffy. It’s time to head out!

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

1. PUMPKIN & APPLE PICKING Your canine pal would be happy to explore a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard with you or help you find your way out of the corn maze. 

2. TRICK-OR-TREATING If you have a friendly pup, bring him along for a walk while the kids go trick-or-treating. It’s a fun way to show off a costume of his own or to include him in a humorous group costume with your family. If you’re staying home, consider setting up a gate so he doesn’t run to greet the trick-or-treaters or worse—bolt out the door.

3. HALLOWEEN PARADE Many towns have annual Halloween parades that children, dogs, and adults can march in. This is the perfect opportunity for your dog to socialize and show off his cute costume. If your town is planning to have a parade this year, be sure to practice social distancing.

4. IT’S TIME FOR THE PFL In case you didn’t know, PFL stands for Pooch Football League. Invite a few friendly neighborhood pups, bring out the pigskin or Nerf football, and practice some passing and punting while the dogs give chase. It’s a great way for all of you to get some exercise in your own backyard.

5. FALL FOLIAGE HIKE Everyone knows Vermont is famous for its autumn beauty, so head out and take in the gorgeous fall colors, earthy smells, and crisp air. Your canine pal will appreciate getting out and roaming through the woods too. Just make sure he’s protected from fleas and ticks before you venture out and check him over when you get home.

6. BACKYARD FUN Don’t think of raking leaves as a chore. Make it a time for fun and let your pup romp in the leaves with you. Hide balls or other toys in the pile of leaves and encourage your dog to find them. (Just be careful to make sure only leaves make it into the pile. Sharp sticks may lead to some painful pokes.) This activity also allows for some great photo and video opportunities.

7. SHOP AT FALL FARMERS MARKETS An outdoor dog-friendly farmers market is a fun way to purchase local fruits and vegetables that are in season, and you may also meet some interesting new friends—both human and canine.

8. PICNIC AT THE PARK This is the perfect time of year to pack some lunch and have a picnic with your pets. Pack a cooler with sandwiches and drinks for the humans and snacks and water for four-footed friends. Some foods you can share with Rover are hard-boiled eggs, cooked turkey or chicken, and raw, cut-up vegetables such as carrots, celery, green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Keep your pet on a leash so he doesn’t disturb others who are enjoying their outing and obey park rules. Bring along a blanket or a beach towel for your pet to lie on, away from ticks, biting ants, and other pests.

Enjoy a long walk with your dog before settling down to eat. Your dog will be better behaved and you’ll both be ready for a delicious lunch. Be sure to keep the surroundings clean and sanitary by picking up after your dog. 

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Siamese, Please

The Siamese remains one of the most popular cat breeds in the US. This blue-eyed beauty is known for its vivacious personality. Siamese are talkative and curious, and generally good with kids and other pets, but they can be demanding and leery of strangers. It’s been said that they will greet strangers at the door and check them out before they are allowed to enter!

These athletic, active felines need stimulation and lots of toys to keep them occupied. People-oriented, they don’t like being left alone for extended periods. If you work long hours, consider getting two; they’ll entertain each other while you’re gone.

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