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Quality of Life: An Interview With Weston Design's About How Interior design Can Inspire and Support You

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Interior design can inspire and support you

The design of the rooms of your home can soothe your mind, body, and spirit. Choosing the right furniture and accessories for your lifestyle is highly personal, and everything working together creates an atmosphere of comfort and serenity to support your daily life. Candy Weston of Weston Design talked to us about how to make your home fit how you and your family live.

With all of the time we now spend at home—even working from home—are your clients’ needs changing?

With the effects of COVID-19 and working from home, home schooling, and sheltering in place, we have seen a shift in the needs of our clients. We’re spending more time than ever in our homes. People are noticing the rooms that haven’t felt right for some time and are wanting to update or renovate these spaces. When things aren’t in alignment with how we want to live, it can create stress in our life. People are adding areas for exercise and entertainment. They’re wanting to have areas for more family bonding and hanging out together, and certainly their home office spaces are getting an update. 

The words interior design can intimidate some people. Where do you start with someone with little to no experience working with an interior designer?

I begin in the same place with everyone, whether they’ve worked with an interior designer previously or not. The first step is always listening to their needs, wants, likes, and dislikes and what they like about their current home or layout and what isn’t working for them. Finding out if you’re a good match is crucial, so then I discuss how the process works, and if it seems like this could be a win/win situation, we go from there. Your home design is very personal. Once you meet with an interior designer, any feelings of intimidation hopefully turn to feelings of excitement. If not, interview another designer. It’s important to understand that you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time with your interior designer. Trust and comfort are very important. 

What’s the best approach to a project? All in or maybe one room at a time?

The best approach is whatever you are comfortable with as far as time and budget. Most clients do a room or two at a time. What’s very important is to be sure you have a vision for the whole house even if you choose to work on only one room at a time. Your home should look curated and collected over time, no matter the style, to reflect the best of you and your family. What you want to stay away from is adapting a farmhouse style for one room and then deciding you really like mid-century modern and switching to that style in another room. You can mix styles, but make sure the rooms flow.

There is so much new technology, products, and furniture. How do you stay on top of what’s available?

 I’m always reading and speaking with my sales reps and other designers around the country about companies and products they’ve had good luck with, but our clients’ needs really drive a lot of this. Weston Design is about getting to know the client, understanding their day to day living, and then selecting everything based on what is going work for them and help them with how they want to live. We believe when you invest in your home, you invest in your life. We reach for what is timeless, not trendy. We understand interior design is a big commitment and we want to capture the essence of our clients from the beginning.

Why did you choose interior design as your career? What drives you?

The belief that everything starts at home is what drives me. I have a deep belief that when we are in environments where we feel the best of ourselves is materialized around us, we feel wrapped in our authentic nature. It’s warmth, love, compassion, respect, confidence—it’s all the good things in life. We experience life in our homes, create memories in our homes. We collect all this and we carry it with us. Home can launch us forward in life. I believe every person deserves a home that reflects the best of who they are and one that makes them feel proud. I am so energized and deeply humbled every time a client chooses me to assist them in creating their home. I strive for every client to feel that I captured them and their home.  

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