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Glowaesthetics Medical Spa + Beauty Boutique: Bringing the first and only Emsculpt NEO to Vermont

03/10/2021 12:56PM ● By Alandra de la Cuesta, marketing manager 

When considering noninvasive body contouring, Vermonters previously had to choose between toning muscle or losing fat. Now there's an innovative solution that can build muscle and eliminate fat in the same 30-minute session. Emsculpt NEO is your opportunity to say goodbye to fat and hello to muscle without having to lift a weight. The Emsculpt NEO is clinically proven to reduce fat by 30 percent and increase muscle by 25 percent on average after a four-session cycle. New for 2021, GLOWAESTHETICS Medical Spa + Beauty Boutique brought the first and only Emsculpt NEO to Vermont. 

What Is It? 

The Emsculpt NEO is a groundbreaking treatment that improves overall strength, wellness, and body contour. Emsculpt NEO is the only body sculpting device to simultaneously treat muscle and fat. Sessions dramatically change the tone and appearance of the treated area. You can sculpt, tighten, and build strength in your abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, and calves. Unlike other body contouring devices, the Emsculpt NEO allows you to get the results you want without spending hours at the gym or undergoing invasive procedures. The 30-minute session is equivalent to 20,000 crunches or squats, and four sessions are equivalent to 12 to 16 weeks of high-intensity interval training. 

The NASA Connection

 Believe it or not, the technology of the Emsculpt NEO has ties to NASA. Astronauts are often in low- or zero-gravity environments for extended periods, causing them to develop muscle atrophy or muscle weakness. NASA collaborated with BTL (Emsculpt’s parent company) to combat this problem. BTL created a device that would increase muscle growth and strength in a short

amount of time. Technology developed for astronauts is now available for anyone looking to increase muscle and/or lose fat. 

How Does It Work? 

The radiofrequency heats muscle tissue and fat cells, preparing the muscles for exposure to stress, similar to a warm-up activity before any workout. In less than four minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause lipolysis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat, which is then removed from the body through the lymphatic system. In addition to its fat-burning capabilities, radiofrequency also improves the tone and laxity of the skin in treated areas. The Emsculpt NEO treatment process is easy, quick, and comfortable with no preparation or downtime required. Some call it “lunchtime lipolysis.” The synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM+) energies are emitted simultaneously through applicators placed on the treated area. 

At the same time, HIFEM+ energy is contracting the muscle fibers in the area, bypassing brain restrictions to produce contractions at intensities that are not achievable during voluntary workouts. The muscles adapt, increasing the number of muscle fibers and cells. During the treatment, you will feel some warmth and muscle contractions, but you will not experience pain. There is no downtime; once the procedure is complete, you can immediately get back to your daily routine. 

Who Can Benefit? 

Many clients seek to improve the appearance and strength of their core. In addition, Emsculpt NEO has been proven to treat diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis or “six-pack” muscle. This condition is very common in women over 35, following pregnancy, and in men who were previously obese. “An Emsculpt NEO treatment cycle can improve diastasis recti by 19 percent on average by strengthening the core muscles,” explains Dr. DiMeola, medical director at Glowaesthetics.

Overall, Emsculpt NEO is a beneficial and result-focused treatment. Emsculpt NEO is designed for anyone with a BMI of up to 35 looking to gain muscle, lose fat, and improve strength and overall wellness. The treatment offers a variety of applications: it can help jumpstart a new wellness regimen or be an enhancement for active individuals desiring to improve their athletic performance.

An Array of Treatments

Glowaesthetics Medical Spa + Boutique in South Burlington celebrates its third anniversary this spring and takes great pride in providing excellent care and a concierge experience for its clients. The spa staff is proud to be a Platinum Allergan provider and the number one Hydrafacial provider in the state. At its private location, Glowaesthetics Medical Spa + Beauty Boutique offers a variety of aesthetic and cosmedical services including but not limited to Emsculpt NEO, Botox/Dysport, dermal fillers, Kybella, Vivace Microneedling with RF, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies, liquid rhinoplasties, hair restoration, B12 vitamin shots, painless laser hair removal, electrolysis, Hydrafacials, VI chemical peels, and lash enhancements.

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