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Spalon Euphoria: A discovery journey to well-being

03/10/2021 03:04PM ● By Jennifer Goss Duby

You could be forgiven for thinking that Spalon Euphoria is staffed by a fleet of beauty and wellness practitioners, judging by the offerings on their website. But the truth is that the combination spa and salon is a one-woman show. As owner Molly Minckler puts it, “I graduated from beauty school in 1993. Along the way, I’ve accumulated a few different skills.”

A few is right. From facials and lash or brow tinting to manicures and pedicures, to waxing, massage, and body sculpting treatments, Molly is able to offer a full-service spa and salon experience to her clientele. But she won’t have to do it alone for long. She expects to bring on a second practitioner soon to provide skin care, waxing, and body treatments, allowing Spalon Euphoria to provide their services to more Vermonters.

What is Body Sculpting?

Modern technology offers a number of options for people who want to minimize fat and improve the appearance of their skin and body. Collectively called body sculpting, these technologies and techniques are ideal for people seeking noninvasive, nonsurgical treatments. 

The core treatment Molly offers is ultrasound cavitation, which goes by the name of Cavi Lipo. This nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment uses ultrasound to cause vibration of the fat cells, which rupture and disperse their fat. The body can then use that fat for energy in exercise or expel it as waste. Aside from a slight ringing sound in the ear during the treatment, there are no unpleasant downsides to the treatment. It is not only pain free but “pretty relaxing,” Molly’s patients say. 

Molly offers an affordable, effective bundle of body sculpting modalities that work well for her clients. The treatment session will include most or all of the modalities, depending on the needs of the individual client. Laser lipo uses red light therapy and infrared to shrink fat cells and build collagen. Mesotherapy and ampoules apply ingredients such as vitamins, extracts, or enzymes into a deeper layer of the skin in order to tighten skin or minimize cellulite or the appearance of stretch marks. Radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation are two different ways to help break down unwanted fat. Vacuum RF therapy breaks up cellulite pockets and flushes fat into the lymphatic system for elimination. And lymphatic massage stimulates the lymphatic system.

For best results from body sculpting treatments, Molly advises her clients to drink a lot of water before and afterwards. And post-treatment exercise helps the body metabolize the fat that has been released. Molly finds that the clients who benefit the most from these treatments are individuals who are already taking steps to improve their health and appearance through diet and exercise. They may feel that they have already done the work and they are ninety percent of the way to where they want to be. Body sculpting helps them get the rest of the way. 

Not Just Clients, But Guests

“People are so busy,” says Molly. “They don’t always take the time to find out what they really need.” She recommends a consultation, called a Discovery Journey. This is an assessment of the issues the client is having, what their concerns are, what their current routine is, and what products they use. The session concludes with some recommended solutions, products, or services, as well as what they can do at home to help. The consultation takes a minimum of 30 minutes, but can take up to two hours for an in-depth assessment. 

Most importantly, Molly wants her clients to feel a sense of relaxation and pampering. “When they’re here, I want them to feel like a guest.”

The Rewards

Working with her guests can be very rewarding, but sometimes that reward is delayed. For some treatments that take multiple sessions, the results are not instantaneous. And because treatments continue to work for 72 hours after the client leaves, even a single appointment may not show the final result. Molly will observe a gradual change over a course of appointments but doesn’t get to see the final change. One client, so pleased with her results, sent pictures so Molly could see, saying “It’s so amazing!” Asked how it makes her feel to know she has helped someone achieve not only their desired appearance but that sense of well-being that comes with it, Molly says, “I love it.”

Spalon Euphoria
145 Pine Have Shores Road
Suite 2022
Shelburne, VT
(802) 276-5275
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