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Pets Best Friend...Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Services (BEVS)

12/20/2021 03:39PM ● By John Gales
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Pets’ Best Friend
BEVS (Burlington Emergency & Veterinary Specialists) are best buddies to animals in Vermont

By Jay Murry

There is an old saying that dogs are man’s best friend. Certainly, that honor is not limited to dogs. Depending on one’s pet preferences, man’s best friends can also include cats, snakes, ferrets, goldfish, or turtles. Or just about any other animal that gives pet owners joy and comfort. 

So, if pets are man’s best friends, wouldn’t we want them to have the best care possible? 

Vermonters are very fortunate to have a place where their pets get that level of care. Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists (BEVS) provides the exceptional care to pets and animals that people expect when they go to human hospitals. 

Creature Comforts

On its website, BEVS states that “We are a group of individuals truly dedicated to the health and comfort of your pet.” Hospital Administrator Whitney Durivage, MBA, CVPM, says that was evident upon completion of the current BEVS building. “We built a brand-new state-of-the-art facility back in 2019, and when we give tours of the hospital, people make the comment that it is like a mini version of a human hospital.”

BEVS is Vermont’s only 24/7 veterinary specialty hospital. Whitney says that clients who bring their pets in for treatment get the best of both worlds. “We have a combination of specialists who run specialty departments that are here during the weekdays, and we have a 24/7 emergency hospital. The combination of those two really elevates the level of care that people receive for their pets. If they’re coming in for emergency care, they can get transferred to a specialty department for continued work-up and treatment.”

Along with the approximately 20 specialized rooms that can treat and house a variety of pets in a clean and bright environment, there are two impressive common denominators mentioned most by visitors of BEVS, Whitney says. “It’s quiet, which is really nice for the animals to help the healing process. And we have a lot of technology that plays a huge role in the hospital by being able to diagnose animals for a variety of things instead of transporting them to Maine, New York, and Massachusetts, among other places.”

It is one thing to possess wonderful technology, but you need experts that can use it effectively. BEVS has brought in two pillars of medical excellence to support its mission. 

Dynamic Duo of Veterinarians Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists have two extraordinary specialists for pets and animals. They will provide treatment that few others can match. Dr. Allison Cowan, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology), will be an essential part of the fabric at BEVS when she arrives in November. Allison comes from Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital (MVH) in Akron, Ohio, where she was first an intern and then became a neurology resident. 

Allison will bring an extensive experience in veterinary neurology from MVH, which states, “We evaluate, diagnose, and treat a broad array of diseases that either primarily or secondarily affect the nervous system.” That includes pet seizure disorders, brain and spinal tumors, neuromuscular diseases, and spinal cord injuries. Whitney says Allison’s arrival is welcomed because her expertise is much needed. “It’s a big deal for the community in general because we haven’t had a veterinary neurologist in Vermont.” 
Allison grew up in southwestern Vermont, and she is a graduate of Dickson College and the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Whitney details the importance of having a neurologist like Allison on staff, saying, “Neurology now is even more exciting because Dr. Cowan is able to perform surgery. So that helps with the diagnosis of the necessary procedure, and to be able to have someone who can do that procedure.” 


Another veterinarian who will work closely with the new rehab department is Dr. Pamela Levin, DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVPP. Pamela has run the rehabilitation department at BEVS since 2016. Pamela offers acupuncture as a treatment for her patients. 
Pamela is the only veterinarian in Vermont who is a certified veterinary pain practitioner, and that certainly certifies her as a pet’s best friend. Whitney heartily agrees. “People and pets really love her! That’s the fun room where pets get all sorts of treats and treatment to make them feel better.”
Whitney says she and BEVS are grateful to have Allison on board and able to offer Neurology/Neurosurgery to the community because it can be difficult at times to bring head-of-the-class doctors to Vermont. “Recruiting doctors to come here is very challenging. Vermont’s a great place to live, but it really has to draw a certain type of person. So, it’s kind of a good thing but then also poses significant challenges when you are trying to get people to relocate here.”
Allison, a board-certified neurologist, provides today’s most advanced diagnostic testing and treatment for conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, muscles, or nerves of animals. Rest assured that your pet will receive the most thorough and thoughtful care available.
Judging by the specialists and services available 24/7, it’s safe to say that Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists are a pet’s best friend. Besties and BFFs forever. 

Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists
1417 Marshall Avenue
Williston, VT
(802) 863-2387
Emergency service available 24/7/365
Specialty services hours: Mon–Fri, 8am–5pm

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