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Tips to Get Ready for the Sun  - With Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa 

It is safe to say around this time of year most Vermonters are envisioning the lush green mountains and warm sun beaming on their face. Not too fast! As a medical spa and wellness clinic, we want to ensure everyone can enjoy the upcoming sunny days in an anti-aging and safe way for your skin.  

 Here are our tips to get ready for the sun: 

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate! 

This may seem intuitive but proper hydration is essential for our body to function properly and for our skin health. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and can easily become dehydrated when we are outdoors and in the hot sun with warmer weather on its way. Also, don’t forget to use a hydrating moisturizer in order to protect your skin barrier! 

2. GRASS Routine 

We aren’t talking about the kind that grows out of the ground but the skincare acronym GRASS, which stands for growth factors, retinol/retinoids, antioxidants, sunscreen, and specialty products. This is a concept many dermatologists and aesthetic physicians stand by for their patients to follow for optimal anti-aging benefits from your products. The GRASS routine will prep and protect your skin all year round. 

 3. Physical-Only SPF  

When UV light hits our skin, it causes melanocyte cells to produce melanin, which is our body's natural way to protect our skin. When melanocytes cannot form quickly enough, UV rays penetrate and burn the skin, causing damage. Chemical sunscreens absorb into the skin and do little to protect. Physical sunscreen, however, is active and sits on top of the skin and reflects the UV rays from penetrating the skin. Look for zinc oxide and titanium dioxide only for optimal anti-aging and protection from skin cancer. 

Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox