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Fitness Options Personal Training and Catamount Physical Therapy

03/25/2022 01:55PM ● By Darian Kaulahao

Fitness Options Personal Training and Catamount Physical Therapy, which share an idyllic studio in South Burlington, are two of the most precious hidden gems of the area. Between their beautiful facility, expert staff, and their wide range of services, they provide everything their clients need to make healthy living not just attainable, but enjoyable.

The co-owners of Fitness Options, David Means and Shaun O’Connor, saw that people in their community shared a common need: a sustainable way to keep their bodies fit and pain-free. With nearly half a century of health and wellness experience between them, they were able to open a studio that could meet those needs for people of any background or lifestyle.


Making Healthy Living a Reality

The mission of both businesses is not just to address one aspect of their clients’ health but rather to give them all the necessary tools to live healthier lives. “We want to improve people’s wellbeing,” says Shaun, “and we often talk about the ‘five pillars of wellbeing.’” These pillars include effective stress management, a nutritious diet, regular physical exercise, restful sleep, and personal fulfillment through activities that make life meaningful and happy. The services of Fitness Options and Catamount PT are intended to support these pillars so that their clients can live longer and better lives. With Fitness Options’s small group classes, you can enjoy the camaraderie and dynamic of the community no matter what your interests or current fitness level are. 

If you’re an early bird who likes to start your day off with a workout, then the hour-long Virtual Bootcamp is perfect for you. This Zoom class combines calisthenics, cardio, and strength training for an interval class that will push you harder than you would push yourself, while still offering accessible modifications for different levels. If you prefer to work in person and with specialized equipment, then the TRX Suspension Training class is sure to keep you engaged. A maximum of nine participants in each class will use TRX bands, jump ropes, stability balls, spin bikes, and kettlebells to get their heart rate up for an intense 30 minutes.


Personal training services are also available for an even more customized plan. You can get one-on-one training or work in a small group (up to four people) with a training program that is tailored to your interests, lifestyle, and health concerns.


Of course, strength and cardiovascular health aren’t the only important aspects of physical fitness. It’s also critical to maintain function and mobility by addressing injuries, chronic pain, or other issues as they arise. That’s where physical therapy comes in.

Shaun O’Connor and the Catamount team treat patients one-on-one to improve chronic problems, including all sorts of musculoskeletal conditions, and to aid recovery from acute problems like surgery or sports injuries. Catamount offers a free 15-minute consultation so that you can discuss your needs and treatment options with a physical therapist before committing to anything.

…and Relax

Another frequently forgotten aspect of physical wellness is relaxation. Massage therapy, like the Swedish and Deep Tissue massages at Fitness Options, can be a critical part of a well-rounded training program. Massage helps with post-workout recovery, stress relief, and even the management of chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Fitness Options offers massage therapy to members and nonmembers alike, and massages can be purchased individually or in packages with a discounted rate. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a health condition, or simply looking for an hour of reprieve from your hectic and stressful life, your body will thank you for choosing massage therapy.


In any fitness facility, safety is a top concern. This of course includes having a well-trained and certified staff performing all services, but in the past two years, it has come to mean something more. Fitness Options has adjusted to meet the needs of their clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by providing virtual classes and telehealth appointments, as well as reviewing facility procedures to meet the changing situation. They are currently following local mandates and CDC guidelines for fitness studios, and they will continue to make their services as accessible as possible for everybody moving forward.

Fitness Options Personal Training and Catamount Physical Therapy

89 Rye Circle

South Burlington, VT

(802) 863-4848

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