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The Science of Beauty-Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center celebrates a new space

07/01/2022 04:06PM ● By Rachel Baiman


Since 2012, Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center has been a staple home for self- care, beauty, and spa treatments in the Burlington community. Over the past ten years, its immense popularity has been easy to observe. " I started this business in a one-room space under a stairwell,” explains owner Jamie Spano. “Every year, we continue to grow, and after moving from place to place to accommodate our growing client base, I decided it was time to go big. I don’t want to have to move again in two years!” she laughs.

Jamie is a Vermont native who lives in Essex with her family. She started her career working in accounting and human resources. She found herself with the opportunity to study something that she was more passionate about. For her, it was an easy decision to go into the field of aesthetics.

“I really believe that these treatments can be life-changing,” she says. “People often come in here not feeling as good as they could or should feel. There’s something bothering them that is holding them back in their day-to-day life. They don’t have the confidence to present their best self. We can actually change that for them, which I think is amazing.”


 Boasting some of the best views Burlington has to offer, the lobby offers plenty of seating to enjoy it and displays an assortment of skin care products.


The Spa’s new location, which takes up the entire 7th-floor suite of 100 Bank Street in Burlington, will allow them plenty of space for their continued growth—about 12,000 square feet to be exact! The business includes twelve treatment rooms and three IV lounges, as well as private consultation rooms, a photography room for before-and-after photos, numerous offices, and a kitchen area for their growing staff. Currently, the medical spa offers body contouring, cosmetic injections, laser treat- ments, intimate wellness services, as well as a multitude of skincare treatments.

With all of their new space, Bare will be able to offer even more treatments like bio hormone replacement therapy, IV therapy, medical weight loss, and teeth whitening. Staff will be increased to administer these new services. “We are maintaining the same brand, and you can expect the same level of customer service and quality that our customers have come to love,” says Jamie. “We are looking forward to operating on a scale that can meet both current and future demand. Our client base has doubled every year we’ve been in business, so this is a really exciting move for our business and our customers.”

 Not sure where to start? Bare offers consultations to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses your needs and goals.


One of the most exciting new treatments that Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center is offering is IV therapy. If you associate IVs with being in the hospital for critical care, you’re not alone. But this simple and common medical practice has a lot of elective uses as well. IVs are administered by one of the nurses at Bare and provide quick absorption of nutrients into the body for a variety of reasons, from symptoms relating to the common cold, recovery from travel, or hangovers to post-workout, immune boosters, and even weight loss. Clients can relax in a luxurious lounge while catching up on their favorite Netflix shows.

 Owner Jamie and Spa Director Shelby Gillespie have worked side by side since Shelby joined the Bare team in 2017.



 Bare offers a full line of skincare products to support your in-office services and treatments, including SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, and Latisse. 


To put this all into perspective, when Jamie started her business in 2012, she was only offering laser hair removal. However, as the list of requests for different treatments grew, her role also grew, from an esthetician, electrologist, and laser tech, to a business-savvy entrepreneur. Jamie began hiring a team of skilled nurses and clinicians to join her at Bare.

While others closed doors and scaled back during the pandemic, Jamie’s business thrived, and the exponential growth shows no signs of waning. Talking with Jamie, it’s easy to understand why her business has been such a success. She has seen her customers enjoy more fulfilled lives through her services, and when your customers leave happy every time, it goes a long way. 

Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center has been an asset to the Burlington community for a decade now, and Jamie Spano and her skilled team of nurses and clinicians are looking forward to continuing to provide the gift of beauty and self-confidence to their long time clients—as well as many new ones

Bare Medical Spa + Laser Center

100 Bank Street, 7th Floor 

Burlington, VT

 (802) 861-2273 

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