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Creating a Space for Wine - Dedalus tells the story of natural wine

07/01/2022 06:12PM ● By Rachel Baiman

 Dedalus was started by Jason Zuliani, a veteran of the hospitality business and a dedicated wine lover. When Jason made a career change and began an IT business in downtown Burlington, he found that he missed the experience of sharing great wine with the community. “He really wanted to introduce folks to wines that weren’t otherwise accessible in Vermont,” explains Ashley Bryant, CMO of Dedalus. As an outlet for his passion, Jason started a small wine store in the back of his IT business, specializing in European wines. The wine store grew such a dedicated following that he eventually sold his business and opened up a small shop on Battery street. From there, the business quickly expanded to its current location on Pine Street, where they added a market and wine bar.


Dedalus aims to create spaces that bring people together around wine. The cut-to order cheese counter and wine bar help give context to the wine. “Many of the most transformative experiences our staff has had with wine have been at the winemaker’s table, with local food enjoyed with the wine,” says Ashley. Founder Jason gives an example of traveling to San Sebastian, Spain, where the local markets offer bite-size snacks called pinxtos. “Think marinated sardines and tomato on toast,” adds Ashley. Dedalus has recreated these tapas, which are on offer from their market space, along with Spanish wine.

 Another wine-related snack that Dedalus has recreated is arrosticini, lamb skewers inspired by Abruzzo, Italy. “These skewers are meant to be served hot, right off the grill,” says Ashley. In order to fully re-create the experience, Dedalus cooks their arrosticini over wood-fired grills in their wine garden. Customers in both Burlington and Stowe can enjoy these paired with Italian wine from the same region.


 For Dedalus, creating a sense of place from wine and food is paramount. That’s why they focus on sourcing wines from small farmers who are dedicated to making a product that truly represents their region and their community.
The company only sources natural wines, which for them means wine farmed without the use of synthetic chemicals often organically or bio dynamically. That practice is extended to the winery, where the juice is fermented with native yeast and nothing else, and has little to no added sulfur dioxide at bottling. Think of it as: nothing added, nothing taken away. Additionally, they want to support farmers who are dedicated to sustainable practices in these special places. Sustainable farms require a variety of crops to be planted in the same soil to keep nutrients from depleting. However, the terrain of mixed crops means that most growers have to hand-harvest their grapes rather than use heavy machinery.

 For any Vermonters hoping to take a trip around the world through wine and food, Dedalus will be hosting a special spring event called Wine Crush, on June 12, from 12–4pm. For $30 per person, attendees can experience three wine and food pairings as well as a DJ and community vendors.

 Dedalus Wine Shop, Market & Wine Bar
388 Pine Street,
 Burlington, VT
(802) 865-2368

1031 Mountain Road,
 Stowe, VT
(802) 585-7717

3 Mill Street,
Middlebury, VT
(802) 377-3197
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