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Lake Champlain Closets Knows How to Get People Organized

09/15/2022 02:53PM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN


In February 2018, Cathy Armstrong launched Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions (LCCVT). Recognizing there was an industry gap that needed to be filled, Cathy set out to bring her vision to fruition. At the time, there was a notion that customized storage solutions were out of reach for the everyday person. As a woman-owned, local company, LCCVT caters to people from all walks of life and treats all projects, big and small, equally. The company never turns down projects due to their size; in fact, Cathy believes that organization and storage space is equally important in smaller homes.


At Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions, customization is key. The company does not rely on a warehouse full of pre-cut pieces. Rather, they fabricate their custom pieces to fit every type of home, including old farmhouses that populate Vermont. They also accommodate slanted ceilings, requiring the precisely drawn and executed custom work that the company is known for. LCCVT’s Owner and Lead Designer, Cathy Armstrong, adds that doing custom work does not make a project more expensive.


“We have a very cohesive team,” Cathy explains. “I respond to every email, text, and phone call we receive. Our clients know we’re authentic in caring about them and their needs.” LCCVT offers a complete and satisfying experience, from helping clients find exactly what they are looking for to a perfect and beautiful outcome. Cathy goes on to say, “Customer service has become foreign to a lot of companies. It’s the most important part  of who we are.” The company is known for hosting fabulous client appreciation events, such as a charter on Lake Champlain because, in Cathy’s words, “We want everyone to know they are appreciated.”


LCCVT partners with a variety of builders, and interior designers to deliver affordable luxury solutions for residential and commercial clients. The first step is a complimentary site visit which helps them understand the space being renovated and the client’s specific needs. After some in-depth conversation, Cathy will help the client identify the ideal storage solutions, finishes, hardware, and everything else they need to perfect their home storage solution!


Since its inception, Lake Champlain Closets has been growing rapidly. In addition to serving Vermont clients, LCCVT has also expanded to provide its services to Upstate New York and New Hampshire. When asked what factors contribute to the company’s success, Cathy responds that the pandemic caused people to care more about their homes and how they function. From the start, she has had multiple requests for help with home offices, Murphy beds, children’s playrooms, spaces for homeschooling, and of course, closet storage. She mentions that there has also been a surge of development in Vermont as well as an influx of downsizing as people move from large houses into smaller dwellings.

The company is constantly evolving to respond to demand. “We have a custom woodworking shop which offers a variety of finishes for cabinetry,” Cathy tells us. Another factor is the extensive custom work that the business offers. “Having an in-workshop was a differentiating factor for us, plus the fact that many clients want to use solid wood in their homes.” The personal touch that the company provides is a big selling point as well. Cathy loves nothing more than visiting clients in their homes and getting to know them better as she takes measurements.


Always evolving and growing, the company has plans to add a professional home organizer to its staff. This service removes the chaos from clients’ by helping them with custom organizing systems and decluttering their closets. “This gives them a better quality of life and allows them to manage their time more efficiently.”


Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions 

68 Randall Street

South Burlington, VT
(802) 251-7080 

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