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09/15/2022 03:16PM ● By SPONSORED BY BEVS



Knowing how often to bathe your pet depends on several factors: the breed, level of activity, and health status. Keep in mind that pets lick themselves, roll on the ground, and run through dirty water, possibly picking up parasites. Pets share our home and even our bed, so keeping them clean is important.

If your pet is new to bathing or has had a bad experience in the past, take it slow. The first day, place your dog in the bathtub and give him treats to get him used to the idea. The next day, put him in the tub with enough water to cover his feet. Try turning the water on and letting it run so he gets used to the sound of it. Later, try using your handheld shower spray to wet his legs, working gradually toward a complete bath. If your pet is anxious or tries to escape, stop and try again later, taking even slower steps.

Here are some tips from Healthy Pet magazine:

Use water that is warm, not hot or cold.

Place towels or a rubber mat in the tub so your pet won’t slip.

Close the bathroom door so he can’t escape.

Brush or comb the fur first to remove debris.

If you stay relaxed, your pet is more likely to remain calm.

Use only pet-approved shampoos and conditioners, and don’t use dog

products on cats.

Rinse your pet thoroughly.

Dry each section of fur using a hair dryer on the lowest setting and a comb or brush.                      Rewarding good behavior increases your pet’s willingness to experience the next bath. Of course, there’s always the option of making an appointment with a professional  groomer.



The best way to store your pet’s food is in its original packaging, according to veterinarian and pet nutrition expert Jennifer Larson. Who knew? Pet food packages are specially designed to keep food fresh, both before and after opening. Pouring the product into a plastic storage container has become a popular and more attractive way to store dog and cat food, but Dr. Larson says not to transfer kibble to another container. She recommends taking care to reseal or close the original package to reduce exposure of the food to air and to be sure to use canned or refrigerated foods within a few days to ensure food safety and nutrient quality. 


Bring your pooch out to the Fall Dog Party at Dog Mountain in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, for a howling good time. Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 1st from noon to 4pm for four-legged fun and enjoy the scenic ride filled with fall foliage—don’t forget the camera!


  • Live music by Gulf Coast Blues artist Shrimp Tunes

  • Delicious eats from Tacos Del Reino

  • The best hot dogs and chili dogs

    by Rocky’s New York Style Hot Dog Cart

  • Sweet treats from Makin’ Maple and other

    local vendors

  • Doggie Walk of Fame with Pup-arazzi

  • Scavenger hunt with prizes

  • Dog contests

  • Bounce house

  • Raffle

  • Lawn games, doggie agility course, magic

    show, and more!
    The Fall Dog Party is free to the public and 
    will be held rain or shine.

Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox