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Here, art is for everyone - Experience Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery

09/25/2023 03:09PM ● By KAREN CASSIDY

Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery and Framing  is located in Shelburne, Vermont, about 15 minutes south of Burlington, and just a two-minute drive from the renowned Shelburne Museum and Shelburne Farms.

Lara Maloy runs the gallery, along with her partner Nico Sardet. Lara had worked alongside the original owners since 2005 before taking it over in 2020. She knows this space inside and out.

She really enjoys working with artists and art enthusiasts and is proud to play a role in supporting working artists by facilitating a sale between an artwork and art lover.



Located in a renovated Queen Anne Victorian, this inviting space has been displaying eclectic works of art, while also providing custom framing and art restoration services, since 1991.

“This is an inviting space to visit. The building has been lovingly cared for and still has its original brightly colored, stained glass window accents—to which a young child recently exclaimed, “‘Ooh, look! Party windows!’ That just made my day,” said Lara with a smile.


Recognized by serious collectors for exceptional quality, diversity, and integrity, FS Gallery has an affordable selection for every budget. They are here for serious collectors and casual appreciators alike. Many visitors use the gallery like a museum to visit freely for inspiration, respite, friend dates, or education.

FS Gallery displays paintings, jewelry, sculptures, pottery, glass, and wood pieces, as well as textile/ fabric art in a relaxed, browser-friendly setting. The spaces include a gallery, a framing design room, and two workshop rooms on the main level, with three more galleries upstairs. All the works are for sale, and the styles and price points are diverse. 

“It’s a great pleasure to be able to continue offering this gallery space to visitors of all kinds. We like the atmosphere to be casual and easy. Art is for everyone,” Lara said.


FS Gallery generally holds one special exhibit in the main gallery room upstairs while continuing to show ongoing works from their other artists throughout the rest of the gallery. They have works by Miriam Adams, David Smith, Barbara Wagner, and many more on display.

Their current special exhibit began Sept. 15, showcasing the oil paintings of Joseph Salerno. This exhibit shows a great range of his work, including architectural, landscapes, and still life paintings. Titled “Inside & Out: Landscapes to Relics,” the exhibit will run until Nov. 4, 2023.




 A few examples of the unique, custom framed antique prints showing at FS Gallery.


Custom framing and restoration services are an integral part of FS Gallery. Loyal clients return year after year, often travel- ing considerable distances because of its earned reputation for quality, attention to detail, and dedicated customer service.

FS Gallery can create any type of natural wood frame to match any art with their unique selection of mouldings for every budget. They have a diverse selection of frames for paintings, documents, photographs, objects, posters, drawings, and more with any style, any color, or any tone you can imagine.


 Watercolorist Annelein Beukenkamp is live painting on Shelburne Day this past August.

“It’s very satisfying to see a piece come to life by giving it the right showcase. Our focus is on conservation framing, which means that we use archival materials that will protect the artwork or items and is fully reversible,” Lara said. 

In addition to their frame and object restoration service, the gallery works with two notable conservators of oil paintings and works on paper.

Lara loves how the framing work unites the creative, design side of the brain with the practical, methodical, and detail-oriented side. The work is both physical and artful. There are a lot of combined elements when working with your hands to create a finished framework.

Designing the framing with the client and hearing stories about the items being framed can be a fun and sometimes intimate exploration. She enjoys this process as much as she enjoys sharing artwork with visitors. Everyone is welcome.

“We encourage every type of visit. We want to provide an experience where people can familiarize themselves with the art in a comfortable setting. That’s how you come to realize how much original art can enhance your daily life at home or at work.”

View current artist lineups, exhibit information, and more about their framing and restoration services by visiting


Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery

86 Falls Rd. Shelburne, VT 

(802) 985-3848

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