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09/27/2023 11:07AM ● By MARIE EDINGER

A Chittenden County-based business is under new ownership and looking to expand. Inspired Closets  is a unique business concept. The company experts go out to people’s homes and work with them to design and install new storage solutions directly in a specific space so that it looks like it was part of the original plan.

And these aren’t just shelves that get tossed in. The designers with Inspired Closets Vermont work directly with the clients to best understand what the person prefers. “We work with you to design that dream in our 3D software right in front of you. 

And then we order all the products, and we install it so that when we reveal it to you, it perfectly matches what you set out to achieve,” explained Kerri Salls, owner of Inspired Closets Vermont.

That designed space includes anything from custom closets to garages, pantries, mudrooms, entertainment centers, home offices, Murphy beds—you name it. Any space with which you think you could make better use, Inspired Closets Vermont is there.

The company states it aims to create order out of chaos, and Kerri said their designs can increase usefulness of space by as much as 35 to 50 percent. 

Cover Pic : Organize your pantry space the way you want to access everything.


Kerri is originally from Massachusetts, but she went to school in Maine and considers that her second home. She’s spent the past 40 years consulting for small and midsize companies, helping them accelerate growth and maximize value.

She said she wanted to buy a business in New England, and when she came upon Inspired Closets Vermont, she knew it was the right choice. First of all, she loved that it’s in Vermont. She’s an avid hiker committed to staying in New England , so the location was a plus. More importantly, she said it just felt like it was a good fit.

“I’ve always been an organized person,” Kerri said. “And the idea that I could be on
the other side of the table, to deliver the same results and satisfaction that I’ve experienced, it just made sense buying this particular business.”

Kerri hopes to apply her expertise in business growth to her own company. She’s already gotten started, expanding advertising for Inspired Closets Vermont to target new areas, reaching down to the Massachusetts border.

 Maximize space—use the whole wall and put everything in its place. 


At Inspired Closets Vermont, their installers’ goal is to complete each project in one day; larger projects may take longer. “These are experts who help bring order and inspiration to every home. We want to collaborate with our clients,” Kerri said.

Another positive to Inspired Closets Vermont’s business model is that they’re upfront about
all costs you might encounter. Rather than giving a generalized quote for the design, the designers communicate immediately about what 
customization and alterations might cost you. For instance, if you’d rather go with a different color finish, door style, or accessories, they’ll be able to show what it will look like with the computer model right away, and let you know what the total price will be with your new requests.

Once the design is finished and approved, Inspired Closets Vermont will work with you to schedule your installation.

 Expand the usefulness of your laundry room. 


Kerri said there’s a lot to love about her new position: “The problems that we’re helping clients solve, the ease that we’re giving them, the enjoyment of their homes. They don’t have to move to get the space they need. I mean, that’s great satisfaction right there.”

 With a Murphy Bed, you always have a guest room on demand. 

When they check with clients right after the installation, the responses are astounding. What really delights her, though, is following up with them years later and knowing that they’re still just as thrilled with their redesigned space as when it was first installed.

“It is so fulfilling when you know what you’re delivering is at that high level,” Kerri said. “But when the customers come back long after saying the exact same thing, it’s a great confirmation.” 



17 Echo Place
Williston, Vt.
(802) 658-0000

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