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Discover the latest trends in kitchen and bath design - Green State Kitchens & Baths

09/27/2023 11:37AM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen or bathroom, a project you’ve been putting off because you expect it to be a major hassle? Green State Kitchen & Bath , a division of Green State Builders in Essex Junction, will come to the rescue! Learn how the only one- stop builder/contractor/dealer in Vermont handles all your renovation needs, along with offering tips on what’s trending in kitchen and bathroom design.

Cover Pic : This lakeside kitchen features two-toned Bertch cabinetry in soft gray and earthy green.

We sat down with Jake Cain, carpenter and co-owner of Green State Builders, to learn more about his tools of the trade and to get his take on what’s trending in the industry. A general contractor with 20 years of experience in residential and commercial construction, he has plenty of experience and knowledge to share.


Jake began his carpentry career more than two decades ago working for various contractors, then operating his own business for 13 years. Jake joined forces with Willie Kinley, co-owner of Green State Builders, and said, “We had always worked together for other companies and finally decided to team up. Willie is certified in just about everything and has been a master plumber for eight years.” A Latino of Afro-American descent, Willie brings diversity along with his vast expertise to Green State Builders.

“Our model for the new company is to be very focused on the client,” Jake said. “We’re not like large construction companies that take as many jobs as they can and then spread themselves too thin. We also wanted to do everything—carpentry, plumbing, electrical, project management and design—in-house.”

Formed in 2017, the company quickly grew, from taking on a single job to being booked for two years within just a few months, earning a stellar reputation along the way. “But then Covid hit,” Jake explained, “along with a huge supply chain problem.”

The solution? “We started our own showroom. We had a lot on our shoulders, but it was good to have control over the total job. The company took off, moving from Jake’s house in Colchester to 6000 square feet of space in a 200-year-old post- and-beam building built in the 1800s. In addition to the showroom, which represents three cabinetry lines, the pair began buying inventory, soon having as much as 20,000 square feet. “As a result, we had much better lead times and don’t have to worry about price increases,” Jake said proudly.


 A rustic 1800s historic home goes back to its roots with warm tones and a double island. 

What puts Green State Builders in a class by itself is that it provides in-house design and start-to-finish construction, as well as maintains licensed plumbers and electricians on its staff. That means that when you begin your kitchen or bath renovation project, you don’t have to worry about hiring a separate interior designer, architect, and contractor. As Jake explained, “We provide complete support throughout all aspects of the design, planning, and the building process, from cabinetry, countertops, plumbing, and electrical fixtures, and even hardware and other finishes. Our goal is to provide the absolute best finished product, in the most efficient and cost-effective way.”

Green State Kitchen & Bath offers precise project management, design, and a full team of tradesman, from carpentry, tile, wood flooring, plumbing, electrical, painting, and finishing, to appliance installation and service work. Having the total package on-site allows them to work as a team, accomplishing their client’s goals in a fraction of the time of their competitors.


When asked what’s trending in kitchen design, Jakes responded, “We’re seeing old styles coming back, such as pastel colors, dated tiles, and Mid-century modern cabinetry with flat panels. Finished walnut and cherry are popular, as well as strong colors such as green, blue, and matte black.”

He added, “Things we saw in the industry like wallpaper 20 to 30 years ago have made a comeback.”


 A transitional kitchen showcases a stunning quartzite back- splash and natural walnut island. 

One kitchen project that stands out in Jake’s mind features neon red and orange colors along with black countertops and hardware for a cool, modern look. He is especially proud of his showcase kitchen in a fully restored farmhouse with exposed beams, which was designed in-house by staff designers. “We ordered hand-hewn 12-by-12 solid wood beams from Ohio, and spent two weeks just honing them out to shed weight. We used the largest one to encapsulate a steel beam, with ten others coming off it for aesthetics.”


As for bathrooms, Jake shared, “Right now everyone is ditching their bathtubs in favor of custom tile showers. What’s particularly hot are large-format showers.” He said that Dekton is the brand of choice. “It comes in giant slabs that are only 1/8-inch thick. It’s like porcelain, but its web backing adds strength while allowing the slabs to be very thin. We can do entire showers in one piece. It has a natural stone look but is super durable.”

Also “in” right now are smaller details such as chrome, brass, and gold finishes. “They were popular 40 years ago and then practically disappeared off the face of the earth,” Jake said.

 This custom wetroom features brass finishes and timeless beauty.


In addition to attracting customers from all over the state, Green State Kitchen & Bath has added other contractors to its long list of satisfied clients. Jake said, “This is because more and more builders come to us because we do so much more than other cabinet companies. We can offer detailed drawing and project management all the way through. We create a package for the builder, and everything is here waiting for them.”

Jake’s biggest goal? “We want to appeal to even more contractors. We offer a lot more support through the whole process, from start to finish.”

Get an in-person look at what Green State Kitchen & Bath has to offer. Visit their showroom, where their professional team will guide you through the easiest and most exciting ways to make your home your dream home. 


Green State Kitchen & Bath

6d Laurette Dr.
Essex Junction, VT
(802) 497-0314

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