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A Sauna becomes a family favorite for cozy winter enjoyment - THE HEALTH BENEFITS ARE AN ADDED BONUS

09/27/2023 12:22PM ● By Janani Varatharajan

During a home renovation, a New England family wanted their master suite bathroom to feel like a spa retreat. These ski lovers aimed to recreate the cozy culture of winter with a sauna. This addition to their home achieved this goal, and the sauna become a family favorite. It also provided health benefits for homeowner Lauren, who said the sauna became a great tool to relieve her bad asthma.

Cover Pic : The all-glass bronze tinted door is elegant from the outside of the sauna and provides privacy.


“We recently did a massive renovation of our home, which included a master suite,” Lauren said. “We really wanted the bathroom to feel like a spa, so it needed a sauna.”

To Lauren and their family, this was the No. 1 splurge. As they worked with an architect
to determine the layout and flow of the suite, they sent the dimensions to the local bath and hardware dealer. They created a space and answered questions from the contractor about installation, plumbing, lighting, and more.

This custom cut sauna is the perfect addition to this spa-like master bath.  


On a practical level, the family benefit- ed from the dry heat the sauna provided. When she was young, Lauren frequently had asthma attacks. She learned a sauna could help to open up her airways. “As I got older, I learned to enjoy the whole experience of breathing in the dry heat and sweating out my toxins,” she said.

Aesthetically, the sauna features a beautiful rock display and creates a calming steam. “We love the volcanic rocks,” Lauren said. “They are beautiful, and when you pour water over them the steam releases the aromas of the Cedar sauna. It smells incredible and is just another great sensory experience to help us unwind.”

She added, “We also have three little girls, but only had a small space for the sauna. (Our dealer) did a great job creating a space that was cozy, but also big enough to get our entire family space to heat up Apres Ski.”

You’re welcomed into the sauna by the beautiful clear red western cedar panels, which offer a stunning aroma 

And possibly the best surprise? “Each member of my family chooses a different color to help them relax in the sauna,” she said.
“I prefer blue, my daughters enjoy the pink setting, and my husband prefers green.”


Although some people might choose to install luxury items like a sauna for resale value, Lauren said they use theirs regularly. “The kids use it every weekend after playing in the cold,” she said.

After a morning workout, her husband uses it to stretch, and Lauren enjoys her time in the sauna before bed. It’s a perfect time to unwind, unplug, and destress.

Lauren and her family couldn’t be happier with the results of their sauna, its design, the materials, and the handy mobile app. “Our sauna turned out way better than we expected,” Lauren said. “We are so happy with the quality of the materials—the layout is so functional and comfortable, and the heating mechanism is just beautiful and so fast.”

Enjoying a sauna in your home is a luxury you’ll appreciate for years. 

The SaunaLogic2 Control and mobile app can even heat up the sauna from a phone so it’s ready when it’s time to unwind.

Lauren said the user-friendly sauna would make a great addition to anyone’s bathroom. This and any other luxury bath and hardware needs can be found at Close To Home . “I would definitely recommend this Amerec sauna product,” she said. “We actually look forward to extreme cold days, so we warm up in our sauna and sit by our fire. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the winter.” 


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