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09/27/2023 07:59PM ● By Janani Varatharajan


Home security doesn’t have to be involved or expensive. If you’re looking to deter trouble, sometimes a simple sign does the trick. A visible yard sign or decals on your windows indicating that the property is monitored or protected can deter potential intruders. They might think twice if they know the home has a security system in place.

Another common and relatively easy way to prevent crime around your home is to start a local neighborhood watch program. Engaging with the community and forming or joining a neighborhood watch can be an effective deterrent. A united community is often a safer one.



Investing in a security system often mean choosing a traditional alarm system: These are the wired or wireless systems that trigger alarms when a door or window is breached.

Local companies, such as Vermont Security, offer comprehensive home security solutions that include monitoring services.

It also is common for homeowners to use surveillance cameras. A range of cameras, from simple motion-triggered devices to 24/7 re- cording systems with night vision, are available. Many modern cameras can also link to your smartphone, allowing for real-time viewing.

Motion sensors and outdoor lighting also have been used for years in home security. Installing motion-activated lights around the property can deter potential intruders. The sudden illumination can spook unwanted visitors and provide added visibility for cameras.


With a home automation system, smart homes can connect lighting, heating, locks, and alarms in one convenient place. Controlled via smart- phones or tablets, they allow homeowners to create the appearance of an occupied home even when they’re away.

Devices like the Ring or Nest doorbell also allow homeowners to see and communicate with whomever is at their door, regardless
of where they are. This not only helps with security but is a convenient tool.


There are options available to homeowners who feel that they need some serious security in place. Reinforced windows and door frames make it harder for intruders to gain access. Window security film can also prevent glass from shattering easily.

For those particularly concerned about safe- ty, creating a safe room—a fortified room with reinforced walls and doors—can be a last line of defense against intruders.

And biometric locks are an advanced tool that use fingerprints or retina scans, which are becoming more affordable and accessible. These ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access.


Beyond intruders, fire, CO2, and flood sensors can protect homeowners from environmental threats. Vermont’s winters can sometimes lead to frozen pipes. Thankfully, having sensors can notify homeowners of potential floods if those pipes burst.

It also can be beneficial to get a professional’s perspective. By hiring a local security consultant, you can evaluate the home and provide tailored recommendations based on the property’s specific vulnerabilities.

For Chittenden County residents, it might be useful to visit local home improvement stores or
attend home and garden exhibitions, as these opportunities 
often feature the latest in home security technology and solutions. Plus, staying updated with local crime trends and working closely with local law enforcement can provide additional insights into how best to protect one’s home.

Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox