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Steam Shower in Your Home?? Close to Home says ABSOLUTELY!

09/30/2023 12:07PM ● By John Gales

Steam Shower in Your Home??  Close To Home in Burlington says ABSOLUTELY!



Luxury Steam Showers –

Adding the luxury of a steam shower into your home is easier than many assume – and when you realize just how easy it is, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Converting an existing shower, fully renovating a bathroom, or building a new home – adding steam requires just a few additional components.

Building a Steam Shower

First, a generator. An Amerec generator will efficiently, consistently, and reliably power your steam shower for years. A few additional generator accessories are needed to keep it clean and dry, including a stainless-steel drip pan and automatic drain valve.

Secondly, a control is needed to operate your steam shower. The basic K4 control is a simple on/off switch. A K3 control adds the ability to adjust time and temperature. Lastly and most impressively, the K2 gives you the most control and extends that control to a mobile device. With the K2 Touchscreen control, you have advanced time controls, plus the ability to adjust lighting and temperature.   

Thirdly is your steam head, which is where the steam enters your shower. With 6 finish options to choose from, there is one that will align with your shower design. Finally, you can elevate a steam shower with additional accessories like seating, fragrance, lighting, and more.

Benefits of Home Steam Showers

The benefits of a steam shower are the same no matter where you are; however, there are added benefits of having one in your home. Because access is easier and more convenient, you are likely to enjoy your steam shower more often. And the more you heat bathe, the more you benefit.

The health and wellness benefits of a steam shower are powerful, here’s just a quick list for reference:

·         Circulation Improvements

·         Muscle Recovery

·         Joint Flexibility

·         Congestion Relief

·         Calorie Burn Extension

·         Skin Care

·         Mental Wellness Nourishment

One final bonus benefit, not related to personal wellbeing, is the potential value a steam shower adds to your home value. According to Zillow, homes with a steam shower sold for a 30 percent premium above the expected sale price (2018 data). With the health and wellness trend continuing to grow, home buyers appreciate and value when these wellness features are already established in a home. Plus, a steam shower can differentiate your home from others on the market, making it more appealing to buyers.

While wellbeing can feel like a luxury in our fast-paced world, it’s essential we make it a priority. The easier your steam shower is to access, the more likely you are to use it – so your home is the best place to have one.    

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