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Year-round fun in the water !!

11/27/2023 10:57AM ● By MARIE EDINGER
Most people think of pools as a summertime luxury, and any at-home water body goes out-of- mind for the winter. That doesn’t always have to be the situation, however. ALLEN POOLS AND SPAS  is making the case that people should be able to enjoy the water all year round.



Beautiful winter scenes while enjoying Hot Springs hot tubs. Experience hot water therapy for your own physical and mental benefit, or share a moment with loved ones and disconnect.



Allen Pools and Spas began as Allen Engineering in 1957. Dan Allen Sr.’s first time dabbling in the industry was at the Tamarack Notch Girl Scout Camp, where he built his first pool. The company took off from there, but he didn’t get interested in hot tubs for another 16 years. At first, they built them similarly to the construction of a pool, with an external heater attached to the feature. To supplement the company’s income through the winter, Allen started selling ski equipment to make ends meet. In 1986, they reached the business model they still operate under today: one that includes the sale of Hot Spring Spas.

Hot Spring Spas come in different models and price points. They all have advanced filtration systems to keep the water sparking clean, patented jets designed for specific muscle groups and customizable massages, and a specialized energy smart system to reduce consumption.

The temperature in the hot tubs can go down to 90 degrees for a cool splash in the summer, or stay at the typical 102 to 104 degrees for optimal therapy and relaxation. Allen Pools and Spas also sells Endless Pools: a self-contained heated pool with a swim current, which can be used 9 to 12 months out of the year, rather than a typical three-month pool season. Those pools allow users to adjust the temperature based on the season and what they personally find comfortable. They include massage jets for people to relax, too. The health benefits are one of the more appealing parts of the industry, according to Allen Pools and Spas.


A Hot Springs Grandee hot tub with Covana automated cover, installed in Charlestown, New Hampshire. 

Sierra McCann, the director of sales and marketing with Allen Pools and Spas, said she simply stumbled into the industry. She needed a job, saw the place was hiring, and took up a gig as the front-end counter clerk. From there, though, she dove in and moved up.

“It really is a close-knit place to work and there’s a sense of belonging; it’s nice to feel that my impact directly helps the company and helps it grow,” Sierra said.

The focus on year-round water enjoyment is one of the elements that keeps Sierra’s job interesting.

“While we normally associate pools with summertime fun, we know that there’s really a benefit to having products that you can use year-round,” Sierra explained. She said that hot tubs have no seasonality to them—you can take a dip any day of the year.


“Hot tubs provide increased blood circulation, weightlessness and buoyancy on stressed joints, heat and massage therapy, and help induce sleep,” Sierra said. “Plus, [there are] family benefits you get from being able to disconnect and hang out in the hot tub with your partner or children. When people are relaxed, they talk more, they share more—and hot tub conversations, we have found, are some of the best conversations that we can have.”

When thinking about financing for any sort of new home feature, homeowners have to consider ongoing costs for maintenance. Some people see that as a downside that winds up holding them back from their decision. Allen Pools and Spas focuses on energy efficiency in all of its products to cut down on those operational costs. The high-quality materials in the spas also mean you won’t spend as much on maintenance, since you won’t be sending money out the door on new parts or on technicians checking out issues. 

When you ask the leaders at Allen Pools and Spas themselves what sets them apart, they believe the answer is their customer service. Sierra explained that because both the service and delivery teams are in-house, they get to help the customer through the entire process. That includes shopping, purchasing, installation, and even service—something Sierra calls a “full-circle buying experience.”

“They are super dedicated to helping customers and getting people ‘into hot water,’” she joked.

On top of that, though, the industry itself is just fun to work in.

“Hot tubs are huge for health reasons and benefits, family time, stress relief, and relaxation,” Sierra said. “And it shows when our employees talk to our customers about our products. We can see that talking about our products brings a sense of joy and satisfaction knowing we’re selling them something that’s going to make their life better.”


 A three-person Hot Springs SX hot tub upper deck installation in Woodstock, Vermont. Below: Dave and Dave, our designated “tall” employees, showing off the spacious two-person Freeflow Tristar.



A display of Highlife hot tubs in a our new Williston, Vermont, showroom. 

Over the past five years or so, Allen Pools and Spas has been moving some of its locations to accommodate a larger space where the company can display more hot tubs, pools, and saunas. One facility in White River Junction is now across the river in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The flagship location in Rutland has had its showroom space gutted to create space for offices for its service department and other employees.

“They now have their own fully dedicated office area to be able to service our customers and make sure we’re giving them the best ownership experience possible,” Sierra explained.

The biggest move, though, has been a facility in Williston. Although the business only moved across the street, the new building is triple the square footage of the old one.

“This was a huge leap for us,” Sierra said. “But being able to serve all of our customers in northern Vermont—and especially Chittenden County—it made the move very essential
to be able to show different hot tubs, pools, saunas, and have dedicated space to make our northernmost hub as resourceful as possible.” Sierra said she and the rest of the team at Allen Pools and Spas are eager to show off the new spaces and renovations, using them to the fullest to best serve customers. 



32 Cottonwood Dr. #107 Williston, VT 

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