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02/29/2024 01:48PM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN
Nicolette Baron is the person to go see when you realize the bra you are wearing every day no longer feels quite right. The owner of L’IVRESSE Lingerie  at the Essex Experience, she, along with her team of experienced and knowledgeable bra fitters, is ready to come to the rescue. In addition to her rich background in theater, art, fashion design, retail sales, and tech, she knows bras, saying, “Bra fitting is about understanding the relationship between a person’s bra and how they move.”

Opened in 2021, this specialized lingerie store in Essex Junction offers a vast array of bras for a wide range of body types, as well as an impressive selection of alluring lingerie. “We’re focused on inclusive inventory, with over 100 bra sizes in stock, ranging from A to K cups and lingerie in sizes XS to 3X in a variety of styles,” Nicolette says.


She goes on to explain that a new bra isn’t generally something you buy when everything is fine. “My clients often seek out my services when something changes, whether it’s as simple as discomfort or as serious as body changes or surgery.” The store is also a destination for the postnatal set and, interestingly, recent divorcees (“Undergarments are often tied to one’s partner, so women going through a divorce will naturally want to refresh their closet.”)

According to Nicolette, when it comes to bras, one of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming one bra serves all purposes. “Like shoes,” she says, “you need different pairs for different activities: one for comfort to wear at home, one for extra support to go to the gym, and a fancy one for going out.” Customers often come into the store thinking that once they’ve found their correct size, all brands are the same, but that is definitely not the case.

And, like shoes, a good bra may take time to get worn in.

Thanks to her background in cabaret theater and costuming, Nicolette observes that fitting a bra has a lot in common with fitting a costume. “There are a lot of things in play,” she says. “You have to ask, ‘Will it make it through all the performances? Can you comfortably raise your arms above your head?’ We try to keep things predictable. That’s very important when you are dressing for your day.” 


While it is believed that many women wear bras that are not the right size for them, Nicolette feels that if you are comfortable and happy with what you’re wearing, you don’t need to change anything. “But if you’re not comfortable,” she advises, “that’s an indicator that you have an issue. A good example is back pain. And if you’re buying bras from a website, you might not find your size and can end up with an ill-fitting bra.” That’s when customers turn to L’ivresse for help. Nicolette continues, “The bra-wearing experience is getting better for consumers. We’re seeing an incredible number of beautiful styles in lots of sizes. That’s what you’ll find at my store.”


Like many Vermonters, Nicolette cares about the environment. That’s why she carries brands that have an Oeko-Tex rating, which certifies products based on ethical and environmental standards to create a system of transparency around production. She has personally met a majority of the designers of brands featured in the store.

“Another reality,” Nicolette goes on to say, “is that a single bra has an incredible amount of manufacturing going into it, as many as 35 to 50 different pieces and four to six hours of sewing, depending on the style. As a result, a bra tends not to be an inexpensive item.” In addition, bras don’t follow a typical fast-fashion cycle in which items go out of style quickly. “Trying on the bra you are purchasing in the store helps make sure it’s a keeper,” she adds.


Like many Vermonters who started new businesses during the COVID pandemic, Nicolette was stymied by supply chain issues as soon as she committed to the 1,800-square- foot space at the Essex Experience. “Many things that we needed to open just weren’t available,” she recalls. Thanks to her existing relationships with people in the industry, she had no problem stocking her shelves with ample inventory. “But everything inside, from the counters to the fixtures, was either salvaged or reclaimed in some way.” With the help of her family and her own background in design, she was able to stay within budget while creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. “That’s where my background in theater and art came into play,” she adds.

Even if it’s your only destination, L’ivresse Lingerie is worth the trip to the Essex Experience. You will find an incredible range of garments to choose from. As Nicolette concludes, “We serve every body. Whatever your age or body type, you can find something that feels right and feels like you.”

L’IVRESSE Lingerie

21 Essex Way, Suite 413 

Essex Junction, VT 

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