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Grab your chance to witness Burlington’s first total eclipse since 1932

April 8, 2024, Burlington will experience a total eclipse of the sun. According to the
University of Vermont's Space Grant Consortium, “At 2:14 pm, a solar total eclipse will
begin in Burlington. From 3:26 to 3:29 pm, the sun will be completely blocked by the
moon as it passes between the sun and the earth, darkening the skies as if it were
dusk. In the case of clouds, it will be as dark as the middle of the night.”


The last time Burlington had a total solar eclipse was in 1932, and it won't see another until 2106, so Burlington City Arts (BCA) and its partners in other city departments are pulling out all the stops to offer a “totally” awesome festival of family-friendly events called Obscura BTV. For more events on the day of and the weekend before see below.


You don’t want to miss all the family fun and remember to wear your glasses when you
look up!

Shelburne Vineyard Eclipse Weekend Kick-off Party with Danny & The Parts, April 5th . Wine tasting with wine growers on April 5th , Ryan Sweezey and Chad Hollister on Saturday, April 6th . Sunday Kat Wright & Brett Hughes, Jon McBride’s Big Easy Jazz Big Easy. The big day… Moonshawdow An Eclipse Viewing Experience 2 to 5 pm for details go to

Lake Champlain Hilton…Total Eclipse of the Heart 80’s music and dance floor, passed
Hors D’oeuvres, and more at 4 pm see details at

South Burlington Rec Department will illuminate Market Street on April 5th & 6th with food
trucks, vendors, and performances. For more details go to
Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox