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5 Tips to get your garden going from Claussen’s

Some days it feels like spring will never get here. Don’t worry–soon the snow will melt, the weather will warm up and your garden will need some TLC. With the help of Claussen’s, you can get your garden ready with these five easy spring gardening tips.

1. Clean up and repair any winter damage.
Once the snow has melted, you can assess any damage from the winter weather. Clean up broken branches or boughs. Gather up dead leaves and any other debris. This is also the perfect time to sharpen your garden tools before you start working on the soil and plants.

2. Water and fertilize the soil.
After winter is over, your soil will most likely be dried out. It’s time to get out the watering can or garden hose and add some moisture. You can also add manure, compost or fertilizers to give the soil some much needed nutrients.

3. Prune old plants.
This is where the sharpened garden tools come in handy. Prune any diseased or dead branches on plants and shrubs. You can also prune any branches that mess with the shape you desire for your trees and shrubs. Keep in mind that some shrubs and trees have different pruning seasons, so you don’t want to prune them too early.

4. Add mulch to thinned out areas.
Once the soil and plants are taken care of, you’ll need to add mulch to any areas that have thinned out over the winter. Mulch helps the garden retain moisture and maintain temperature. It also helps prevent disease in your plants.


5. Plant new seeds.
Depending on your climate, you can start planting seeds. If you’re working in a vegetable garden, you can start with early, slow-growing plants like peas, lettuce and arugula. Some spring plants for a flower garden include lilacs, tulips, pansies and snapdragons. Learn more about what plants will work best in your region with our USDA Hardiness Zones guide.
Get The Latest Stories, Events, and More Right In Your Inbox