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Annie Spencer

Bijou Blu Spa

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Cryotherapy Spa Services TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST Cryo-WHAT?! Cryotherapy is a revolutionary technology used by athletes, celebrities, and everyday people focused on self care and healing. We offer a variety of heat and cold services and will be opening in South Burlington in May 2020!

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PACKAGE PRICING One Month Membership: $49/month, 3 month commitment includes your choice of the following: 1 whole body treatment OR mix and match any two of the following services each month: 2 cryo facial glows, 2 infrared sauna sessions, 2 dry float sessions 40% off any additional services throughout the month (Dry float, Facial glow, Infrared, BrainTap, Compression Recovery) $50.00 off all Cryo T-Shock treatments Unlimited Monthly Package: $450/month includes: Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy, Vibroacoustic Dry Float, Infrared Sauna, Cryo Facial Glow, BrainTap, Compression Recovery 1 Cryo T-Shock Localized

Check with Bijou Blu Spa for terms and conditions.