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Burlington Kickboxing Studio Welcomes All - NEW 9ROUND FITNESS

04/11/2023 02:07PM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN
Husband and wife team Jamie and Sara Palmisano are the first workout professionals to introduce 9Round Kickboxing to Vermont.Jamie, a former police officer, and Sara, a full-time business professional and mom, have joined forces to bring the trendiest, and most efficient, way to get in shape to the Greater Burlington area.

The concept is remarkably simple. It is based on a 33-minute workout that changes daily, and keeps you at the fitness level you have always dreamed of. Amazingly, it can be accomplished on your own schedule and at your own pace.


Jamie and Sara were on the verge of signing a lease on a space in March, 2020. It was going to be the culmination of their long-standing desire to start a fitness studio together after Jamie retired from the police force. However, the start of the Covid pandemic put a complete halt to their plans.

After the pandemic restrictions were lifted, the couple was finally able to fulfill their dream, opening in December 2021. Located at a prime location in the Dorset Street Mall, the 1800 sq. ft. studio is one of the largest 9Round facilities in the country. As Jamie explains, “The large space allows members to work out with plenty of room for social distancing.” 


The facility is managed by Jamie, who is in charge of the day-to-day operations in addition to being a trainer. Sara, a personal trainer as well, runs the back office operations. The couple’s first experience working together as business partners has turned out just fine, each one bringing a different skill set to the endeavor.

The couple’s son, Ryan, who recently graduated from college with a degree in exercise science, has also joined the team.In addition to having recently studied the latest developments in workout philosophy and exercise regimens, he also brings his community of classmates to 9Round, providing an excellent source for the most educated, up- to-date trainers around. 


The fitness franchise 9Round is a specialized fitness program geared to clients who want a fun and efficient workout with results. It offers kickboxing-focused training that incorporates functional, cardiovascular and circuit training regimens. The easy-to-follow routine, which can be done at any time based on members’ schedule, is carried out on a circuit of nine workout stations. A professional trainer is always present to help clients with their form and keep them motivated, and because the program changes daily, the short, efficient circuit is never boring.



The routine is a mere 33 minutes long, consisting of 9, 3-minute rounds that have been designed by kickboxing pros at 9Round, so members can get the most out of their workout in a short period of time. “We’re unique in that we’re trainer led,” Jamie says. “There is a trainer available on the floor during every workout, explaining each circuit, helping with form and providing encouragement.” Sara adds, “Our trainers are there to help members not only get the most of their workout, but also to provide correction, guidance and motivation. Many are certified in a fitness practice, so they go one step above being a ‘coach.’”

Another benefit of the forward-thinking business model is that members get to work out completely on their own schedule. There are no set times when they have to show up. In addition, it provides a different workout every day, so no one gets bored or stuck in a groove.

“The workout is designed to be really efficient,” says Sara. “What’s great about it is that it gives people a specific set of things to do. They don’t even have to think.”



Priced to be affordable yet somewhat exclusive, 9Round offers unlimited monthly memberships allowing members to come in as many times as they like. During their routine, they have access to the top trainers to correct their form, offer advice and keep them motivated.

The spacious gym is small enough to be intimate, so it is not intimidating, an important benefit for people just starting out on their fitness journey. “The studio has a real ‘Vermont’ feel,” Sara says. “It’s like a big family, with a real sense of camaraderie.” 

“Many members come to 9Round to shed unwanted pounds, which is far easier to accomplish with our high-interval fitness training,” Jamie continues. In addition, members have access to a nutrition portal that offers nutritional guidance to help them with their individual needs. 


According to Jamie, one of the benefits of the 9Round Fitness program is that no experience is needed. “Sometimes people are intimidated by the concept, have never kickboxed or are afraid to get hurt. We have people at all stages of their fitness journey, some of whom have never thrown a kick and others who have been boxing all their lives. If you’re new at it, we’ll teach you everything you need to know.” The workout can be as easy or grueling as you like.

9Round Fitness has seen continued growth as word gets out. Jamie and Sara are also involved with community events, giving back to the community by helping people understand the importance of fitness and being healthy.

Get ready for an efficient and fun way to get in shape and reach your health goals. Put on your boxing gloves and join Jamie and Sara for one of the best workouts in Vermont.

9Round Fitness

150 Dorset Street, Suite 207 

South Burlington, VT 05403 

(802) 495-5189 

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