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04/11/2023 08:00PM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN

Brilliant Massage and Skin ,a multimodality clinical spa, has been offering world-class advanced massage therapy since it opened in 2016, adding skin care in 2020. Its impressive list of massage services for pain relief, sports performance, injury prevention, muscle recovery, and relaxation, includes ashiatsu, deep tissue, sports, hot stones, Swedish, pre-natal, and oncological.

BMS also offers a seemingly endless array of aesthetic care, such as facials and peels, microdermabrasion, hydrafacials, corrective masks, hair removal and teeth whitening. Additional benefits include customized massage and skin care, as well as memberships and packages that come with discounts and perks.

The clinic is located in downtown Burlington, in the historic Gideon King House, the oldest brick building in the city, dating back to the 1790s. It has been such a success that it recently opened a second location on Patchen Road in South Burlington, not far from the airport.

So how did it all begin?


Jolita Brilliant Sakmanaite, the founder and owner of BMS, is a certified massage therapist, licensed esthetician, and certified make-up artist. With a long list of credentials and certifications, and a notable educational background, it seems like there’s practically nothing she doesn’t do.

Jolita has always been passionate about wellness and beauty, but has a diverse and colorful background. Originally from Lithuania, she studied music in school, and became a proficient classical pianist, singer and songwriter in her native country. She was also an accomplished endurance runner and body builder.

She came to the United States in 2007 to study classical music, but soon switched her focus to health and wellness. “I have big dreams because I realize life is short and I want to do something interesting,” she tells us. After living in New York City, she closed her eyes, put her finger on a map and ended up in Burlington. She has lived here ever since, in part because the people are so welcoming, but also because its climate and landscape remind her of home.

Jolita opened her first massage studio in the same location where BMS is now as a solo practitioner. In 2020, skin care was added to the list of services, after she completed her education as an esthetician. Today, she has two locations, one of which she owns, a staff of over 15 and growing, a mind-boggling array of services and the happiest clientele in the state.



All members of the staff are certified, licensed and insured professionals, each one proficient in a set of specific skills, such as pre-natal massage or fire cupping. They are carefully vetted to make sure that they have attended a reputable massage school, passed the massage exam and have lots of hours under their belts.

When asked if it’s difficult to become a licensed massage therapist in the state of Vermont, Jolita quickly responds, “No!” She goes on to say, “The standards are pretty low. In fact, Vermont is one of just three states that doesn’t have an exam applicants have to take. You’re not even required to prove you have an education in massage.” That means practically anyone can go online, obtain a license and hang up a shingle to do massage.

“That’s why we do our due diligence when we hire a new massage therapist,” Jolita explains.  


In addition to having an experienced, educated and talented staff, BMS sets itself apart by offering massage and skin care at both of its locations. “Clients can come in and get a massage and a facial without having to go to two different places,” Jolita explains. “While many people come in for medical and sports massage for pain relief, we also offer softer treatments, such as Swedish and hot stones.” After their massage, clients can indulge themselves in a relaxing and therapeutic facial.

 In other words, many customers visit BMS for some serious pampering. What could be better than a 90-minute massage followed by a facial on a cold winter day? Known for its fantastic couples’ treatments, BMS is a great destination for a romantic retreat, or any time of year with the one you love. 

Brilliant Massage and Skin

35 King Street, #9 

Burlington, VT 


34 Patchen Road 

South Burlington, VT 

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