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04/12/2023 02:36PM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN

After meeting four years ago in Vermont, Gena Boyden and Anna Gilcris discovered they shared the same passion: helping people achieve healthy, beautiful skin at any age. Within two years, they launched Cheeks Luxury Skin Clinic (formerly known as Cheeks Concierge Aesthetics), on Blair Park Road in Williston, specializing in truly personalized skincare.

Although the timing wasn’t perfect – the business opened during the Covid pandemic, just after lockdown was lifted—they quickly established themselves as the go-to aesthetic practice for bespoke skin treatments.


With clients who range from teenagers to octogenarians, and include both men and women, Gena and Anna understand that no two people are the same, and neither is their skin. “Our concept was to curate a highly customized program for each individual client,” Gena, a certified esthetician, explains. Clients come to Cheeks for all different reasons, from seeking treatment for acne or being concerned about aging, to preparing for the before and after of upcoming surgery.

Some clients book their first appointment because they simply want to learn how to care for their skin and keep it healthy. “Many people are overwhelmed by all the treatment and product options out there,” Gena continues. “They often start out just looking for guidance.”

What they all have in common is their satisfaction with the amazing results of their first treatment, inspiring them to come back for more.



“We truly provide luxury skin care,” Gena goes on to explain. “What’s unique about us is that we’re committed to tailoring our products and services to each client.” Anna, a licensed esthetician, adds, “We found a niche in the beauty industry as concierge estheticians. In addition to the boutique experience we provide, our facial treatments are as curated and customized as possible for every individual.”

The process usually starts with a high-tech analysis of clients’ skin. Based on the findings and taking their lifestyle and goals into consideration, the team creates a customized regimen that pairs state-of-the-art equipment that is available only at Cheeks with products for clients to take home so they can continue to have healthy skin. The bespoke plan comes with complete instructions, including how much of each product to use and in what order.

Cheeks also offers services either in clients’ homes or on location, as well as virtual meetings. Gena and Anna have even been known to hand-deliver the products that have been ordered. But, according to Gena, most people prefer to come in for treatments because they feel pampered and special as soon as they walk in the door, saying, “From start to finish, we make it a very special experience. We call it an ‘experience,’ but it’s hard to describe. When you come in, you feel you will be tended to and are getting the very best skin treatment.”


Because Cheeks’ bespoke services are curated for the individual, the practice offers the Cheeks Signature, the Cheeks Signature Enhanced and the Cheeks Signature Elite treatments, time-based treatments which combine state-of-the art technology with first- rate products, such as Biologique Recherche (BR) and Environ. As Gena explains about the lines they carry, “They’re very effective at stimulating cells and have lots of active ingredients in them. Environ’s cornerstone ingredient is Vitamin A, which will normalize your skin and improve its hydration and pigmentation among other benefits.”

“We want to simplify things for our clients, depending on whether they have 45, 75 or 90 minutes, or even 2 hours, to spend with us,” Anna explains. “When clients come, we decide the appropriate technologies, products and treatment methodology to help them meet their skin goals.”

 Some clients opt for the Skin Instant Lab by BR, which, according to Anna, “provides skin labs, just like the lab work that is done for your blood. We can measure your skin’s elasticity, pigmentation and oil production, among other things, to help us decide which skincare products to prescribe. As clients’ skin lab results change over time, so do the treatments and products we recommend, which are adjusted for maximum client benefit.”


“I don’t like the term ‘anti-aging,” Gena concludes. “I prefer ‘aging beautifully.’ We can’t make you look young, but we can help you look fabulous. But it’s as much about health as it is about beauty, and nothing is better than healthy skin.”

Cheeks Luxury Skin Clinic

34 Blair Park Road 

Williston, VT 05495 


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