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04/12/2023 07:37PM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN

If you've driven past Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa  on Williston Road in Williston, you might have wondered what “medical aesthetics” means. Medical aesthetics is the practice of performing medical procedures to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals, and look and feel their best. Many of the treatments are quick, safe, effective and require little if any downtime.

The history of beauty goes back to the origins of humans and have historically involved dubious treatments. However, it was not until after the late 1990s when the FDA approved the first generation of cosmetic lasers to reduce wrinkles and Botox was approved for cosmetic use (in 2002), that medical spas began to appear, merging traditional spa treatments (think : facials) with non-invasive and invasive medical technology to achieve better results. Still curious? So were we, which is why we met with Dr. Colleen Parker, owner, lead physician, and medical director of Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa, and Kendall Beiswanger, business director, to learn more about the practice. 


What makes Radiance unique starts with its founder, Dr. Colleen Parker. Dr. Parker is a board-certified anesthesiologist and has been practicing aesthetic medicine for over a decade in Vermont. Anesthesiology, with its concurrent knowledge of technology and ultrasound to keep patients healthy and ability wielding a  needle, lends itself beautiful to the practice of using lasers and needles to achieve cosmetic results. She and her staff have been providing superb treatments and procedures in their current location in Williston since 2019 in a lovely space that makes one feel special, safe, and welcomed.

 The Radiance team pictured from left to right: Shelly and Brittany, Reception. Dr. Parker and Dr. Bugbee. Gabby, Medical Assistant. Kendall, Business Manager. Andria, Medical Esthetician.

Radiance offers a wide range of services. These range from esthetician procedures such
as facials, microdermabrasion, and signature skin treatments that leave your skin glowing in time for an event, to more medically indicated procedures. These include fat reduction, injectables, pigmentation treatment, and a plethora of laser treatments that do everything from removing wrinkles to removing tattoos, and spider vein treatments. As an innovative medical 
aesthetics and wellness clinic, it provides the best possible care and results for its patients using the highest quality devices, techniques, products, and procedures in a safe environment with a doctor on site.

Dr. Parker becomes animated when talking about her work. She explains, “There are so many things in this world that we can’t control. But here, we can do safe treatments that make a difference in our patients’ lives. What we see in the mirror in the morning can affect how we interact with the world around us. We can help with that!” However, she also warns that because it is a relatively new field, it is widely unregulated in Vermont. That means that injections and lasers can be performed by different types of professionals, with a large range of training and experience and some without any or minimal medical training. Many may assume that if the person is legally able to run a laser or use a needle in a face, that they are also competent, but in some situations that is not the case. Dr. Parker stresses asking the right questions of the personnel and feeling confident that should any issue arise, it can be safely handled. Dr. Parker emphasizes “Safety comes first.”

 Above: Andria has been an esthetician at Radiance for over 3 years. Working under Dr. Parker, she is able to collaborate and learn from her medical expertise which gives her the ability to provide next-level skin treatments to her clients. 

One of the unique attributes of Radiance is the prior experience Dr. Parker brings with her from her training as an anesthesiologist. She obtained her training in ultrasound as a resident at the University of Vermont Medical Center in 2004. She now uses ultrasound regularly to ensure and confirm the safe and proper placement of dermal fillers. She states this should be the standard of care, but very few have received the training or have the equipment in their office. As a result, she has received referrals from other locations to help treat complications. 

In addition to having a staff that is chosen for their training, experience, and highest standards of ethics and excellence, Dr. Parker explains, “There is no such thing as a ‘zero risk’ procedure, but we can decrease that low risk of potential problems. Patients should be assured that if there is a complication, their doctor is prepared to deal with it in a safe and expeditious manner.”

The professionalism of its staff is followed by offering the best care patients can experience. As Dr. Parker explains, “I saw a need in the med spa industry for expertise in anatomy, medicine, and science for non-invasive aesthetic medicine, in an environment that felt welcoming and in which patients received the highest standard of care.”


Staff members are involved with research and receive extensive training in new machines and treatments. As Dr. Parker says, “We spend a great deal of time educating the staff in technology and best practices. Our industry is such a young field, and it’s always changing. We must stay current and up to date. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront and maintaining a high standard of care.” Dr. Parker is a member of the AMA (American Medical Association), ABA (American Board of Anesthesiology), a fellow of ALSMS (American Society for Lasers, Medicine, and Surgery), and trains other physicians throughout the nation.

In its efforts to stay educated and remain on the cutting edge of new treatments and technology in medical aesthetics, Radiance is constantly upgrading its equipment and services. Kendall explains, “It’s exciting because we continue to learn about the health of skin and not just aesthetics. We offer some treatments that are not available anywhere else in the state because we have the latest in products and equipment.” That being said, she warns, “we stay current but it’s not about going with the most trendy thing you see on Instagram, because that trend might not be effective or safe. Dr. Parker is great about listening to patients’ concerns and helping them achieve what they are looking for.” 


 Dr. Parker and Dr. Bugbee are thorough with their patient consultations. They take the extra time to explain and educate each patient on the treatment options so they may make the best choice for them and their goals.


The practice is committed to the advancement of women’s careers. As Dr. Parker explains,
“I am very proud of my staff. I do everything possible to encourage my employees’ progress and support their careers including training, best practices, and professional development.

I believe in strong women strongly supporting other women and provide emotional and financial support for my employees to achieve what they want to achieve.” Kendall agrees, saying, “I started a ‘two- month internship’ that never ended. I’ve been here four years. It’s a very supportive environment, definitely a place for growth and opportunity, which is a great thing to be part of.”


Radiance recently hired a new physician, Dr. Tara Bugbee, a board-certified emergency medicine physician. She is currently being trained in many of the competencies the spa has to offer. “That represents a great deal of growth for us,” says Dr. Parker.

Dr. Parker and Kendall like to stress that there is more to aesthetics than beauty. As the company’s name indicates, the practice also encompasses wellness and feeling radiant and confident. “Healthy skin is beautiful skin.”

They hinted at many more treatments and advanced procedures they will be adding to their service menu, bringing the best to those living here in Vermont.

Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa

5399 Williston Road, Suite 101 

(802) 777-7300 

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