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04/13/2023 02:33PM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN
If you’re interested in losing weight in a safe and effective way and have tried other methods that have failed, it’s time to make an appointment with New England Med Group in South Burlington. Opened in November 2022, the medical clinic specializes in GLP-1 Semaglutide injections for weight loss. In fact, it’s all they do.

“We are a niche weight loss clinic focusing exclusively on GLP-1 Semaglutide,” says owner/ founder Nathaniel Neider. He has been involved in independent physician practices since 2005 operating several clinics in the Midwest. He became interested in the medication after close family members strongly endorsed its efficacy based on their own personal experience with Semaglutide. When the FDA approved it for weight loss treatments 2021, he immediately jumped at the opportunity to start a clinic of his own. “Given that 70% of Americans are overweight, and 40% qualify as obese, I wanted to open a clinic that could help people who want to lose weight effectively and affordably.”


GLP-1 Semaglutide is a hormone called glucagon-like peptide that is naturally produced by the body. One of its functions is to regulate hunger and food intake. “It functions by delaying the emptying of the stomach. It also helps suppress another hormone called glucagon, which can prevent you from feeling hungry,” Nat explains.

The drug was originally designed to treat type 2 diabetes by increasing the release of insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. Insulin helps move sugar from the blood to other body tissues, thereby lowering sugar levels. When it was discovered that GLP-1 decreased appetite and promoted weight loss in diabetic patients, researchers began studying it for use as a treatment for weight loss.

“This medicine is really amazing,” Nat continues. “It’s derived from a hormone that naturally occurs in our bodies that wanes as we age. What’s great about it is that people who use it have lots of energy. Although not necessary for results, if they diet and exercise while taking it, they can lose more weight more quickly.”


Prescribed by a Vermont licensed doctor and supplied by FDA inspected and monitored private pharmacies, GLP-1 is a custom-blended weekly treatment. It comes in liquid form in a multi-use vial and injected under the skin in the belly area.

“We have two board-certified physicians on staff who are licensed in Vermont. They monitor patients and prescribe the doses,” Nat explains 

“First, the patient comes in for an initial consultation with one of our doctors. They are screened for contra-indicated conditions such as thyroid cancer and pancreatitis, and to determine if the patient is already on a GLP-1. The first injection is administered by our medical assistant.” After that, patients can choose between coming in weekly for their dose, or learning how to inject it themselves.


The medication is in great demand and availability is sometimes limited. To get around this problem, New England Medical Group works with smaller, private compounding pharmacies across the country that are overseen by the FDA. According to Nat, “They are licensed to make medicines on a small scale from scratch. As a result, we never have the shortage that the name brands often experience, and our patients are not contributing to the shortages reported in the media.”

He goes on to say, “This also helps keep our costs down. We can sell it at a fraction of the cost of name brand medicines, which are very expensive.” Weekly injections can cost as much as $1000 per month and more. Even if a patient is insured, the co-pays are normally quite high. Nat explains, “We are able to treat patients at a cost that is lower than what many people are paying for coverage. Basically, it comes down to $13 a day, which is very competitive when it comes to elective medicine.”


When asked if patients put the weight back on when they stop their injections, Nat explains, “Our bodies have a set point at which our weight needs to be. With GLP-1, patients can actually lower their set point because they’re not eating as much. Once they approach their desired weight, they can dial back their use by taking it less frequently. He concludes, “It’s also possible to stay on it for life.”

So if you’ve been trying to lose weight without success, set up an appointment with New England Medical Group and check out the benefits of GLP-1. 

New England Med Group

54 W. Twin Oaks Terrace, Suite 14 

South Burlington, VT

(802) 985-1653

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