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A Tranquil Escape in Williston - Indulge in a Single Treatment or Full Day of Pampering at Oasis Day Spa

03/20/2024 08:45PM ● By MERYL SIEGMAN
One of the first day spas in the area, Oasis  opened in 2000 at the same location on Cornerstone Drive that it occupies today. Only now, it has tripled in size, expanding across the hall and to the floor above, with 13 treatment rooms in addition to a full-service hair salon. Its selection of services includes massage, body treatments, facials, Hydrafacials, manicures, pedicures, and makeup, all administered by a devoted team of licensed professionals, it’s the destination of choice for an hour or entire day of relaxing indulgence.


Also known as a dry float, the Soft Pack system is similar to a waterbed, except it’s more like being inside one without getting wet. “It’s my favorite body treatment,” Stephanie says enthusiastically. “You’re never in contact with water at all, but you’re immersed in warmth, and you’re weightless; it’s like you’re floating in pillowy water.”

Just imagine for a moment what the experience feels like. After changing into a robe and removing your jewelry, you lie on the surface of the Soft Pack, which looks like a massage table, while a therapist applies products to your body. Then you are wrapped in the bladder and gently lowered into a bath of warm water and given a brief scalp massage to help you relax. You stay dry while your body is suspended in warm water, soothing your muscles, elongating your spine, and relaxing your mind. Don’t be surprised if you doze off.

“The water temperature is one and a half degrees warmer than your body’s temperature,” Stephanie explains. “You’re immersed for 20 minutes, the maximum amount of time, because the process elevates your body temperature.” According to the Soft Pack’s German manufacturer, that short time is the equivalent of two hours of rest for your muscular and skeletal system.

Although you can come in just for a 20-minute Soft Pack session, the majority of clients book it in conjunction with other bespoke treatments that Oasis Day Spa offers. Regardless of which option you choose, “It has an amazing effect on the musculoskeletal system,” according to Stephanie. “Because you’re weightless, it’s great for people experiencing back pain.” The Soft Pack is also fabulous when used before a massage because, as she explains, “It’s great for warming up the muscles so your massage can be that much more effective. It’s super relaxing.” 

Or you can opt for a soothing body treatment. Perhaps the Pumpkin Float, whose Cucurbita masque, with its lovely scent of pumpkin and spices, will exfoliate, purify, and deeply nourish your skin. Or you can choose among champagne and rose, cranberry, or mango flavors for your Hydrating Body Exfoliation Float, whose creamy body butter will push deep into your skin for maximum hydration. Whichever you go for, the warm water will accelerate the benefits it provides. As Stephanie explains, “We want the product to be absorbed into the skin, so you shouldn’t sweat and push it out. Through the process of osmosis, your skin will accept product deeper, about 10 times deeper than the same wrap would be on a table.”

Can’t decide? The day spa’s knowledgeable staff will help you select the treatment that’s perfect for whatever ails you, whether it’s dry skin or muscle aches. 


Stephanie is rightfully proud of the phenom- enal team she has cultivated, saying, “Our environment is a little different. Many of our technicians have been here for over a decade, with some dating back 20 years.” She believes the vibe created by the dedicated long-term staff carries forward to the comfort level of the spa’s clients, adding, “They like to see the same people over and over again when they come here; it almost feels like family.”

So enjoy a float at Oasis Day Spa. As its owner says, “It’s hard to believe that 20 minutes makes you feel that way, but it really does.”

Oasis Day Spa

300 Cornerstone Drive. #220 

Williston, VT 

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